SONAMOO Finally Gets It Right With The Cuddly 'Cushion'
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SONAMOO was one of last year’s most hyped rookie group’s and also one of the biggest failures. Netizens made fun of their name (it literally means ‘Pine Tree’ in Korean), they pissed off SHINee stans for stealing the group’s light stick colour, their debut single “Deja Vu” didn’t make the Gaon chart, and the kids on Pann didn’t even mention SONAMOO when discussing the new rookie groups.

“Deja Vu” ended up growing on me, but objectively it was a mess. It was outdated instead of being retro or nostalgic, and the concept was just B.A.P’s “Warrior” pasted onto a girl group. TS Entertainment tried to rectify the situation by rushing follow-up promotions for the Apink-esque “Just Go” with a friendly college girl concept to match the current trend of more innocent groups, but it wasn’t enough to pull SONAMOO out of irrelevant nugudom.

Now they’re back with a new single “Cushion,” and it’s exactly what they should’ve debuted with. It’s got everything–it’s cute, sexy, fun, and fierce all in one, and best of all, it’s fresh, despite sounding a little like “Ice Cream Cake.”

Newcomers EastWest are behind the production, who are a new team under frequent TS collaborators Duble Sidekick. As far as I know, EastWest’s only other song is a duet from Shannon and rapper Yook Ji Dam (although they contributed to “Ring My Bell” along with a bunch of other people), which makes “Cushion” their first big idol single. It’s so good that I’m already anticipating what they’ll bring next and crossing my fingers that they’ll work with SECRET.

Admittedly, the “Cushion” lyrics comparing a cuddly guy to a pillow are pretty stupid –there’s no way for “He’s like a cushion, like a cushion!” not to sound ridiculous– but K-pop thrives on ironic stanning, so the cornier something is the more I usually like it (unless it’s G-Dragon, of course).

On top of the great song, SONAMOO have also sorted out their image. They’re bright and cute now like every other rookie group, but still with some sass and swagger. It’s more on trend than what they were doing before and suits them so much better than the female B.A.P concept.

Like I said before, I enjoyed “Deja Vu,” but from this point on I’m pretending it never happened and that SONAMOO debuted with “Cushion.”

  • T-rollypoly

    EastWest also contributed with GsD’s RMB along with Taewoon (Ex-SPEED). They collaborated again on this one. One of the tracks in the mini sounds like a good 9muses b-side.

    • I knew about taewoon but didn’t realize EastWest did Ring My Bell too! thanks will update the post.

      • T-rollypoly

        No jacques, sorry I didn’t make it clear. Taewoon did the lyrics for RMB and EastWest just arranged RMB did not composed.

        • Yeah I looked it up, they contributed to RMB alongside Long Candy, Homeboy… there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen for RMB which isn’t a surprise lmao.

          • T-rollypoly

            Hehe right. The chorus sounded very busy but still pleasant. That at least 7 dudes making one song.

          • Db

            Beyawnce would never!

          • T-rollypoly

            Queen B is a little overrated. *dodge bullets*

          • Db

            I don’t often use the word despise, but I do in her case.

    • Jaehyus

      What did Taewoon do in Cushion?

      • T-rollypoly


        • Jaehyus

          Gosh I love Taewoon.


    Okay when I first heard the song I was like, “This sounds like the intro song on their album, not a title track.” Now that you mention it though, this is exactly what they should have debuted with. So I think I’ll do the same and pretend that Deja Vu never happened and that they debuted with Cushion. Oh and thank glob they fixed NewSun’s mop, she looks so cute with pink hair.

    Also this whole time I thought they were saying “Kiss my cushion” which is so much more iconic tbh. Here I am thinking this was the kiss off anthem of the year…couldn’t have been more wrong.

    • On the teaser I thought they said Kiss My Cushion too, I’m glad they didn’t coz it’s just too embarrassing for words imagining their private parts as cushions.

      I agree about New Sun. She used to be nation’s mess and now it’s YoonaSuzySulliSun

      • MIKEE

        Omg no Kiss My Cushion is so iconic! Yas New Sun is the nations new it girl lol. Omg and SuMin with her fucking pigtails before! Now she actually has some sex appeal. TS was trying way too hard to make them happen. Now they look fresh, and pretty, and perfect and I’m totally here for them now.

      • Nicole Naeun

        Umm.. Kiss My Cushion is nothing but ICONIC! Damn, they should’ve gone that way.
        What is wrong w/ u today, you’re very white american blogger now w all the hate towards iconic edgy lyrics smh

  • Jaehyus

    So, is Taewoon part of EastWest, or dis he contribute to the lyrics or what?

    • T-rollypoly

      Nope. Taewoo (lyrics) is working w/ EastWest (compose).

  • Marhaebwa

    This song definitely trumps Deja No. I get Nara teas from pink-haired Rapper. She’s hot.


    Iconic and has just singlehandedly saved this summer…

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      OH MY FXXKING GAWD~!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS PERFECTION – that blunt tune switch at 2:25 has slayed me. *dies*

      thats it i’m officially handing the 9MUSES 2.0 title to the ‘Empresses of Vaginal Moisture’… BOW DOWN BISHES!

      • Marhaebwa

        HAGAHA I still can’t deal with the EVM title – but it’s still iconic.
        And I guess it’s too true for Stellar and Vibrator.

    • snailsong

      the fucking watermelon oh my GOD

      • Marhaebwa

        Depicts how wet your faves are to have this song.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Umm the lyrics are the fucking best part about the song. Heck if I had a boyfriend, this is exactly the kind of song that I would sing to him. ~You’re like a cushion, you’re so fluffy so squishy oppa oppa aing aing kyaaa!~ (improvise a bit there)

  • Db

    I quite enjoyed that. Deja Vu was great too, but not something I’ve revisited since it came out. This should hopefully have some more replay value.

  • culchan

    The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’,
    That’s what I said.
    The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand,
    Or so I have read.

  • The killer 7 girls one cup concept aside, I am incredibly disappointed that the lyrics aren’t “Kiss My Cushion”. Between the teasers and the butt choreo, this whole time I was preparing myself for an “F U” to all their haters comeback. So, still not on bored with Sonamoo.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Major pass.

  • “A little like Ice Cream Cake”
    Try “A WHOLE LOT”
    Better execution though

  • Sunny

    Sumin is so freaking cute! She needs to be in the forefront of this group. the songs lyrics are silly but i don’t mind it as its still catchy.

  • Flà.