SHINee‘s “View” and Hyosung’s “Into You” are two songs I quite liked at first, but later become completely obsessed with after repeated listens until they both became my top songs of the summer.

SHINee’s now preparing to return with a repackaged version of their Odd album called Married To The Music, and the teaser photos are fucking life.

The concept is some strange, perfect mix of schlocky ’70s slashers, Rocky Horror, and Harajuku hipsters.

The Married To The Music title is terrible, but in SM the worse something is the more ironically cool it becomes–unless it’s EXO, of course. Then it’s just lame.

Anyway, the repackage¬†album has FOUR new songs, which means there’s four chances for SHINee to produce something as good as either “View” or “Odd Eye.”

With Yunho locked up in the army and JYP boy bands flopping like there’s no tomorrow, SHINee’s all I’ve got left. If this comeback isn’t flawless I’ll literally kill myself! (Not really.)

MTTM drops August 3.

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