Primary‘s music has always been exceptionally good, but the producer/artiste has been on fire this year.

From his collaboration album with Hyukoh to songs like “Mannequin,” the box-headed beatmaker has been consistently killing it for months.

His latest single, “Don’t Be Shy,” a reggae jaunt with AOA‘s bob cut beauty ChoA and rapper Iron, brims with melancholy and dreamy sexuality.

With nu-reggae gaining traction and Major Lazer branching out and collaborating with pop stars, it’s nice to hear the genre presented in such a straightforward, no-frills way like this.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear Primary work with AOA? Even better, AOA Black.

Anyway, as amazing as “Don’t Be Shy” is, we must ask ourselves: Is it better than Brave Girls’ iconic Kenny G-meets-Bob Marley masterpiece, “Easily”? Is anything better than Brave Girls?

#BringBackBraveGirls #AOABlackXPrimaryFTW

  • T-rollypoly

    I’d say this is just a close second to Easily because Easily had Skull, you can’t go more authentic reggae than that in Korean reggae standards. I am in love with this song though, Primary, Choa, amazing. Would’ve been better w/o Iron imo. I still love it though.

  • KingBeaArthur

    This song and MV (Pokemon card poker? Black magic/voodoo ish??) are fantastic! Hooked from play one.

  • shoopdoop

    holy choa the like a cat air horn scared the shit out of me when i heard it at the start of easily


    NOTHING is better than Brave Girls, nothing. This is my new favorite release of the year. I would die if AOA Black hooked up with Primary omfg.

    This is the direction I wish 2NE1 would go in but the result would be completely reductive.

  • Nicole Naeun

    ChoA moaning in 2.56 is everything, makes me wet I gotta go to bathroom right now.
    Queen ChoA, the queen of sexiness and cuteness altogether.

  • CaptainJoeHook

    I was worried it might have been a Rude knock off from the start but it’s a lot better. Wish Iron could have rapped for longer though and Choa’s face makes me uncomfortable, I don’t get the love for her

  • Jpop>Kpop

    They got the laid back vibe of reggae right unlike that girl group that always tried too hard and never got it right.

  • Lady

    This is just beyond amazing. And Pokémon cards, ’cause why not? This mv fits SO good with the song.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This is my fave song of the summer omg <3