Summer always signals top tier comebacks in K-pop, but it’s also a good time for new groups to debut. There’s tonnes of festivals to perform at and the weather is nice and warm (an important factor for scantily-clad girl groups), and those lucky enough to make it onto music programs can benefit from the exposure as more viewers tune in to check out all the big comebacks.

The group I’ve seen getting the most buzz online right now is Playback. It’s easy to see why they’re getting so much love from international fans: they’re neither cute nor trashy, they’ve got a decent visual and seem to possesses some talent, and there’s only four members. (Some folk seem to suffer a brain aneurysm if a K-pop group has more than four or five members. “I CANT TELL THEM APART THERE’S TOO MANY MEMBERS WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING OH MY GOD THIS IS TRIPPING ME THE FUCK OUT THEY’RE SHIT 2NE1 IS THE ONLY GOOD GIRL GROUP!!!)

Playback’s self-titled debut single is a nod back to the candy-coated urban-pop of the early to mid 2000s. SISTAR19 utterly perfected this sound with “Ma Boy,” but they also had a way bigger budget behind them. For a bunch of nobodies from a nothing agency, Playback’s “Playback” is a solid effort.

While everybody is stanning for Playback, I’m over in the corner getting my rocks off to Love Us (their name is surely a Lovelyz rip-off, right?).

The group has been on my radar for a while because they’ve got two members from the now defunct Bob Girls, Chrome Entertainment’s failed (but quite good!) follow up to Crayon Pop.

The synthesized R&B groove of their first single, “Tickle,” is far sexier and fresher than Playback’s much safer offering. It’s also nice to get a song that actually sounds sexy, as opposed to your typical top forty hook song with a sexy concept thrown on top for media play.

Here’s hoping Love Us lasts longer than Bob Girls did…

Bambino is one of the many sexy female dance groups in Korea that perform at tacky events and festivals across the country. Most just stick to dancing, but after having a handful of popular fancams online the foursome decided to officially debut as singers with “Oppa Oppa.”

“Oppa Oppa” is a pretty bad slice of low budget eurodance, but like all these songs there’s a cheap novelty factor to it that can be fun if you’re in the mood. And the fact that it’s a bad and blatant rip-off of the excellent late ’90s Greek dance hit “Opa Opa” makes me like it more than I would if it were an original production.

Still, they’re no Pocket Girls.

I’ve had my eye on Asha since their sexy golf concept photos dropped in May. How have no other girl groups done a porno golf concept yet? You can guarantee AOA will steal it for their next comeback.

Asha’s debut single, “Mr. Liar,” is strange because it’s hard to tell if it’s intentionally proggy and weird or if it just ended up like that because the production budget was so low. It’s a really odd record, with autotuned off-key vocals backed by unmastered brass and obtrusive handclaps. At one point it turns electro out of nowhere, and the rap break, which usually appears on the bridge in K-pop songs, suddenly arrives halfway through the second verse. And don’t get me started on the creepy pre-chorus, which is the kind of thing that should be chanted at Rosemary’s Baby’s christening (sataning?).

If you’re not impressed by the bizarre production, then you’ll love the whore-y choreography or the clown mask in the MV that they stole from Chocolat.

  • T-rollypoly

    Love Us doesn’t even ask you, they tell you, Love Them.

    Playback’s Hayoung (rapper) is one sexy kitten. She’s like a typical Asian SoCal girl that I used to chase back in college. She looks pretty, smart, fit and wouldn’t date you if you don’t drive a nice car. Haha!

    I like Bambino’s song the most out of the bunch. Eunsol is smoking hot.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Love Us & Asha for me. Playback are fine but I’m not as impressed by their debut as others are (I’ll reserve judgement for their follow up). “Mr. Liar” was probably the most interesting song of the 4 to me.



    1. LoveUs
    2. Playback
    3. ASHA
    and Bambino doesn’t count because they’re not Pocket Girls.

    I’m just happy that Dahye (well now she goes by Mi Gyo for some fucking reason) is getting another chance because she’s an amazing vocalist. I wish she still had her blonde bob instead of those tacky extensions but whatevs. Bob Girls 2.0 fucking slays, so good!

    PlayBack’s hairography as a main point dance in so genius, I’m really loving them rn. But their comeback is most likely gonna be shit and then they’ll probably fade into oblivion.
    Now I miss ChocoLat… :-(

    • j d

      ChocoLate. That brings back memories.

  • ta3woon

    that ASHA song is so scary…

  • im LOVING mr liar tho it’s like a cult and they’re sacrificing men together i love this

  • theblessedwomb

    The true nugu queens are burning up the sceneeee~ Going everywhere to grace the stages with their lip syncing prowess. YeonJi completely slays with those fish mouth lip syncs. Like it’s impossible to know she’s not actually singing. And those dancing abilities, nobody can touch them. Probably the best dancing group ever. And they’re completely snatching weaves with their new looks. I mean YeonJi rocking those red tips. JuA killing it with that red mop cut, yessss. SeA for christ’s sake got a whole new face, weave, body, and name! The commitment!!! (seriously though, I have no idea what the new girl’s name is though)

    Slaying it with their “cover” of Little Apple~

  • Db

    You forgot to add Awesome Baby to the list.

    I’m also laughing at Asha sampling Bing Bing’s weird Mexican voice.

    • omg these girls RULE! and i can easily see them getting overrated with time because they’re actually talented. the song is very dated but actually good.

      and i LOOOOOOOOOVE the fact that the rapper aren’t the tomboy ones – even if one of them is actually a beatboxer, which makes this group k-pop for hipsters.

      i love it.

    • Loved this!

  • I was so ready to stan Asha, but damn, the production is too damn messy at parts.

  • okay, let’s do one by one.

    playback: i’m always ready to hate them but i end up finding them very enjoyable. turn-off: the hand choreography on the chorus is soo weird it makes them look crippled.

    loveus: the best from this joint. still highly forgetable.

    bambino: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    asha: ooohh asha is the most interesting actually! if they had a decent production this song could be listenable and playable!

  • justpassingby

    Love Us should replace the rapper with Yujeong (another ex Bob Girls).

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Asha and Playback were fucking AMAZING. Especially Asha, such an odd finding LOL

  • Mattey

    I love Playback and LoveUs. So glad that the one brunette got long hair because now she looks like a Hello Venus Yooyoung knockoff except the knockoff has more musical ability than the original. Bambino’s Eunsol is good for fapping. That’s all there needs to be said about them,