Miss A‘s “Only You” is literally the BIGGEST girl group single of the year thus far, yet miss A didn’t even promote it for a full month. They performed on music programs for three weeks I think, before releasing their Colors album in China and then swiftly returning to their Suzy’s solo schedules.

The short promo cycle pissed me off considering how long I’d been waiting for their comeback and how well it was doing on the charts, and it looks like miss A’s Fei feels the same.

In a new interview to plug her Chinese web drama, Fei listed miss A’s activities as something she regrets not being able to do more of.

“I wish we could do more promotions as miss A. We typically release one album in a year. I’m a bit sad about that. I think I shine the most when I’m on stage as miss A. If there is no miss A, there is no Fei.”

Sing it, sister.

I know that Suzy the golden goose has been keeping JYP Entertainment relevant during their lean years with her otherworldly beauty and girl next door charms, but I’m sure she could turn down a few CFs and one bad K-drama to make more room for miss A.

If they’re only doing one comeback a year then it should at least be one with full-scale promotions and a repackage. JYP won’t even do units or solos because he knows that if they flop it’ll just perpetuate the belief that miss A is worthless without Suzy (which is half true), so all I have is their group schedules to get my miss A fix.

What do y’all think about miss A’s situation? Let’s talk about it like mature adults/bitter bitches.

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    Well Suzy was the one that said she was going to focus on Miss A promotions this year. If she wasn’t going to follow through then she shouldn’t have opened her pretty little mouth about it. I was anticipating a second comeback this year because of her comment but now that prospect looks grim. It sucks that no one cares about Miss A without Suzy because I don’t care about Suzy at all. Wang Fei Fei is the true star and she deserves all of the fame and fortune!! I wish JYP would just send Fei and Jia to China where they can set up shop and become as successful as I know they can be.

    BTW How the FUCK are you going to give us the most flawless release of the year and then disappear like Colors wasn’t the greatest thing since Caitlyn Jenner!? #BitterBitch

    • I actually like Suzy, but I wonder who decides on miss A’s schedules? Is it Suzy or miss A? Maybe Suzy doesn’t want to do many group promos because she isn’t close at all with the other girls? Hmm.

      • MIKEE

        She’s like a gorgeous shell to me, there’s not much going on inside. But I’m pretty sure miss A’s schedules are based around Suzy’s schedule. From what I understand the girls are always doing separate things so it wouldn’t surprise me if they aren’t close. Suzy isn’t stupid, she knows her worth and miss A was simply a stepping stone for her career. Unfortunately the other girls need her more than she needs them, but bitch should remember where she came from. Just sayin…

    • KingBeaArthur

      “It sucks that no one cares about Miss A without Suzy because I don’t care about Suzy at all. Wang Fei Fei is the true star and she deserves all of the fame and fortune!!” – the amount o truth in those 2 sentences.

    • Clapback central

      Preach preach preach i live and die for fei

      • MIKEE

        Wang Fei Fei for president!

    • Marhaebwa

      KWEEN FEI > Jia & Min >>>>>>>>>> Overglorified Suji tbh

      • MIKEE

        So much truth tbh.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Not really sure I would want a miss A sub unit if that means Min would would be in it. I’d die over a FeiJi unit though.

    I’m still bitter “Colors” promo turned into the Suzy/Lee Minho show. The group deserved better than that.

    • snailsong

      i thank god every day that min never got a solo debut

    • They should do a Chinese sub-unit and get all the monies… Why doesn’t JYP do better to expand the brand with the Chinese members? It makes no sense to me.

  • Rick A

    Miss A’s music is sooooooooooooooo good and their promotions so wasted. Ohhhh! But don’t forget, the next album is half ‘Colors’, half new songs. Seriously JYP? I’m upset of this situation, I demand better management of one of the best girl’s groups that the k -pop has had the pleasure of seeing.

  • snailsong

    i think part of the problem is that the group is 1/2 iconic beauties who are also talented (suzy/fei) and 1/2 basic but talented nobodies (min/jia).

    Fei is pretty and likeable when she books a variety show, and suzy is the nation’s whatever but the other two are nothing. You can bet that if min and jia were making some kind of name for themselves that the girls would be getting more activities as a group because the group as a whole would be more bankable

    Because what’s the point of making suzy unavailable for (hugely profitable) solo activities if she’s the only thing making the group comeback relevant (and the only one booking endorsement deals)? She may as well stick to her solo work where the only career she has to prop up is her own~

    with all that in mind fei needs to release a solo pronto!!!!!

    • PinkMissA Min

      That is so not true and you should feel ashamed people are so superficial when it comes to kpop it’s disgusting really….

  • Vince Reniers

    I remember the two songs which got me addicted to k-pop in the first place, Brown Eyed Girls’s “Abracadabra” and miss A’s “Goodbye-Baby”. Jia’s orange hair turned me into a full, diehard Say A overnight, and I remember thinking Jia was the baddest of them and not understanding why everyone was so stunned by Suzy’s beauty. Well, how things have changed. In my head it’s (or was) always miss A vs SISTAR vs Secret, because at the time of “Goodbye-baby” they we’re kind of on the same level with “SO COOL” and “LOVE is Move”, + they all had 4 members. Who doesn’t like a little competition. Now every time Sports Chosun’s girl group ranking comes out I cry over the fact that SISTAR is in the Top Tier and miss A is 3 levels down.

    I hope miss A will promote some more, but I doubt they will. Suzy is a lot younger than the others, plus she has a busy (solo) schedule, so it’s understandable she isn’t close with the other girls. JYP (which im also stanning for) is finally coming back as the/a top 3 agency, with Baek A Yeon success, Wonder Girls comeback and Twice debut, while i expect (demand) a Sunmi solo release to, in the last quarter or so. Something tell’s me back-to-back miss A releases isn’t going to happen. What I think, and Jacques said it in a previous post aabout miss A to I thought, that miss A has already peaked, and we need to deal with a miss A release one time each 1/1,5 year. I really got my hopes up for Twice! And Brown Eyed Girls new album.

  • MolkangMolkang

    Especially disappointed because on top of giving only 3 weeks of promotions, their stages were so lacklustre… They could have made a much larger effort on live shows, like back up dancers or something to liven it up.

  • I don’t believe Suzy has any say in the schedules. It’s the investors and JYP management who arranges everything…
    I’m gonna laugh so hard when they have a sub unit with Suzy in it… Suzy A :D

  • true

    there is that rumor thou
    popular girl group rumored to disband soon due to jealousy toward one member

  • true

    i don’t see why miss A can’t have solo & sub units if Suzy schedule is messing with the groups promotion,
    it not fair to the other members of the group & its not fair to the fans. the fact the group has these large gaps each year waiting is what effects there popularity & JYP reputation. if suzy is the only member that matters what the point of having a group. we all know the other three members are just as talented.

  • Where is Min’s solo? I mean, from what I remember, doesn’t she gonna do solo debut last august? Well, I wish JYP give more effort for Miss A. They’re one of the best…………

  • Clapback central

    The hype behind suzy is baffling to me then again so isvthe hype behind taeyon (ahmuuuuuzIng vocals) smh

  • Quingg

    I like miss A.

    I think their music is very early 2000’s R&B that gets watered down into like a pop song so it’s very good, but realistically they’ll quietly disband by like 2017-2018. The only other member who might be able to do solo work is Min because she’s an amazing vocalist and dancer. Suzy is the bread winner for the group and it’s like that I think in most K-POP girl groups. One member stands out more for more reasons than one usually and their given more and better treatment. I think Suzy’s beauty is very overrated, but vocally she’s amazing. I want miss A to promote more as a group, but with Suzy basically bringing in money to JYP as an actress and CF model, it makes sense he would just allow this 1 album a year thing to just give fans what they want instead of just making them disband early. Once Wonder Girls new band unit flops (which it should) and once Twice flops (which I’m sure it would), then JYP might decide to make miss A into a group that promotes more.