Miss A‘s “Only You” is literally the BIGGEST girl group single of the year thus far, yet miss A didn’t even promote it for a full month. They performed on music programs for three weeks I think, before releasing their Colors album in China and then swiftly returning to their Suzy’s solo schedules.

The short promo cycle pissed me off considering how long I’d been waiting for their comeback and how well it was doing on the charts, and it looks like miss A’s Fei feels the same.

In a new interview to plug her Chinese web drama, Fei listed miss A’s activities as something she regrets not being able to do more of.

“I wish we could do more promotions as miss A. We typically release one album in a year. I’m a bit sad about that. I think I shine the most when I’m on stage as miss A. If there is no miss A, there is no Fei.”

Sing it, sister.

I know that Suzy the golden goose has been keeping JYP Entertainment relevant during their lean years with her otherworldly beauty and girl next door charms, but I’m sure she could turn down a few CFs and one bad K-drama to make more room for miss A.

If they’re only doing one comeback a year then it should at least be one with full-scale promotions and a repackage. JYP won’t even do units or solos because he knows that if they flop it’ll just perpetuate the belief that miss A is worthless without Suzy (which is half true), so all I have is their group schedules to get my miss A fix.

What do y’all think about miss A’s situation? Let’s talk about it like mature adults/bitter bitches.

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