Brown Eyed Girls‘ stans have known for a long time that the group’s agency, Nega Network, is in bad financial shape. However, it’s never been clearer that Nega doesn’t have a pot to piss in than it is right now while watching Miryo‘s no budget “Queen” comeback.

The teasers and artwork are so cheap that literally anybody could recreate them in Microsoft Paint or any free online photo editor, and the music video is just a no-frills studio with some curtains and props strung up. I’m positive that Miryo actually funded this comeback herself because Nega wasn’t willing (or able) to cough up the cash themselves.

“Queen,” produced by Rhymer (the man behind Jimin’s solo singles), is pure Miryo, for better or worse.

Everybody was surprised when her first solo album turned out to be full of glossy Western pop-rap instead of the edgy, hard spittin’ hip-hop we were all expecting from K-pop’s greatest girl group rapper, so “Queen” sounding like a frothier, kiddier take on DJ Mustard’s commercial club beats isn’t a shock.

Jimin did it much better, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rhymer is a personal friend of Miryo’s who sold her the “Queen” beat on the cheap and then Ga-In jumped on the hook as a favour.

Whether “Queen” is a good song or not isn’t my problem (let’s be real, Koreans LOVE simplistic mainstream hip-hop and “Queen” is exactly that), it’s the Blady budget and poor promotion that pisses me off.

Brown Eyed Girls’ official Twitter account has yet to even tweet about Miryo’s comeback, and the official music video’s only availability on YouTube is through BEG’s channel — not 1thek, kt music, or CJENMMUSIC. The latter likely means that Miryo couldn’t even secure a proper distribution deal for her single.

With female rappers now more popular than ever thanks to Unpretty Rapstar, now is the time that Miryo should be receiving the biggest push. Instead, “Queen” is tanking on Melon and Cheetah is about to come out and snatch the spot Miryo’s occupied for years.

It’s unrealistic to think that Nega would let BEG out of their contract, but if they wanted to do what was best for the group they would. Ga-In’s fortunate that her solo career is managed under a different agency, but the remaining artists on Nega’s roster are fucked.

LC9 never followed up promotions for their excellent debut, Narsha never released a second solo album, the Black Box era ended early due to lack of support, and BEG’s greatest hits album was treated like it was nothing. Nega did manage to launch LABOUM, but that was in partnership with NH Media who I’m sure footed the bill.

BEG is one of the top girl groups of the past decade in Korea, and the public still recognizes them as the top when it comes to talent. Why ruin that, Nega? The members aren’t getting any younger, they don’t have time for this shit and neither do the fans.

Now instead of anticipating BEG’s scheduled comeback later this year, I’m dreading it.

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