MINX's 'Love Shake' Is An Old Dal Shabet B-Side That Sounds Like An Old Girl's Day Song
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MINX‘s debut last September with “Why Did You Come To My Home?” was one of the biggest rookie disasters of last year solely for the fact that it came and went like a thief in the night.

At least with SONAMOO K-pop fans knew who they were but decided to support G-Friend and Oh My Girl instead. Nobody even knows that MINX exists–their first MV only has 167,000 views, which is even less than nugu groups like 4TEN and the now disbanded Bob Girls!

I assumed that MINX had quietly called it quits and just not told anybody, but they’re back now with a brand new single called “Love Shake,” which is literally an old Dal Shabet b-side from 2012.

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I guess Happy Face Entertainment blew their budget on the gorgeous stages and costumes for Dalegend’s underrated “Joker” era?

Anyway, with how much I’ve shit on AOA and Nine Muses dancey new singles I feel like I should hate “Love Shake,” but strangely enough, I don’t.

There’s a certain nostalgia to this song that I find irresistible in a way that I didn’t with “Heart Attack.” You can totally tell that it’s a few years old, and listening to it really takes me back to 2011/2012, which was a really fun time for me in K-pop. (Only in K-pop could a three year old song be considered nostalgic.)

In case you couldn’t tell, “Love Shake” was produced by Nam Ki-sang, who was Girl’s Day’s sole producer until they dropped him for “Female President.” Listen closely and you’ll hear fragments of “Hug Me Once” and “Expectation” tucked into “Love Shake” (especially 2:45).

MINX is never going to get anywhere, that’s just the sad truth of the matter, but if Happy Face wants to keep wasting money on them then they should hire Nam Ki-sang as the group’s full time producer and turn them into pre-fame Girl’s Day. Other rookies like ROMEO and G-Friend are doing it, and everything about MINX is already outdated anyway, so they may as well jump on board and see what happens.