I don’t expect much from Koda Kumi these days and I don’t think that Koda Kumi expects much from herself either. She’ll record any demo that enters her inbox, no matter how cheap or outdated it may be, just as long as she has enough material to put out thirty albums a year.

With that said, she still manages to release some strong stuff every now and then. I was obsessed with “Hotel” and her last album was really good by trashy KK standards.

Kumi’s new single, “EX TAPE,” is a laid-back slice of urban-pop from her latest slap dash compilation, the summer-centric SUMMER of LOVE.

“EX TAPE” isn’t too gaudy like most of Kumi’s hip-pop records are. There’s a kind of quiet dignity to it, if that’s even possible to say about her music. It’s cruisy, feel-good summer hip-pop–a nice seasonal alternative to EDM-tinged pop or sunny Cali pop-rock.

And isn’t the title clever? It’s about listening to your own voice and moving forward instead of being bogged down by the memories of an ex. It’s cute! Empowering without being grossly sentimental or contrived. I feel like one of those Disney girls trying to make their music career happen would record this and it’d become a minor Hot 100 hit, peaking at No. 47 but selling Gold in the long run.

Check it out below.