INFINITE's New Single 'Bad' Just Isn't That Good
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Bad ChorusNowhere Near As Good As INFINITE's Other Rphabet Singles
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I have a major soft spot for INFINITE because they’re the first Korean boy band outside of the big three that I really stanned for. Each time they make a comeback I can’t help but feel a certain nostalgia as my mind flashes back to the first time I saw the scorpion dance or when the boys finally won No. 1 with “Be Mine.”

With that said, I’m no longer the INFINITE fan boy that I used to be. After peaking with one of the most perfect K-pop songs of all time, “The Chaser,” I had no choice but to jump ship when “Man In Love” failed to deliver and “Destiny” (while good) ditched their Sweetune sound. My weakness for all things Sweetune was enough to rekindle my interest in INFINITE when “Last Romeo” dropped, and then I even considered re-stanning after being blown away by the blistering “Back.”

Their next single was always going to be make or break between me being an Inspirit or a casual fan. Well, it’s out now, it’s called “Bad,” and it’s just not doing it for me.

Having produced both “Back” and “Destiny,” production duo Rphabet clearly has a flair for the dramatic, and they bring that over to “Bad.” It’s filled with urgent orchestral strings along with the usual trap snares and whizzing electropop common in most boy band songs, while INFINITE wail about being addicted to a femme fatale over the top of it all.

“Bad” plays like an unconventional ballad until the chorus, where INFINITE then repeat the song’s title ad nauseam over the aforementioned electropop. I can’t help but compare it to BTS’ explosive ode to raging teenage hormones, “I Need U.” That’s a song with real drama, with a real hook, where you can feel every beat and thrust like you’re right there on stage with the Bangtan Boys. Then you’ve got “Bad,” which is just one big cock tease. For a song that promises so much grandeur from the verses, the chorus is remarkably generic and outdated. It kills the vibe, man, and K-pop is nothing without a killer hook.

Ultimately, “Bad” feels more like a good b-side or one of INFINITE’s many orchestral remixes than a massive hit worthy of one of the Korea’s biggest male acts.

Thank God for Romeo.

  • byoing~byoing.

    The problem with all these comebacks lately is that they’re the most mediocre songs a lot of these ‘lower high tier’ K-Pop groups have put out and all the big names in K-Pop have been making comebacks. I don’t understand what companies are thinking. ‘Ho ho ho, SNSD/Big Bang/Wonder Girls are all planning comebacks, better put out a mediocre song to really test the mettle of our respective groups fandoms.’ (Looking at you AoA/Sistar/Infinite/Got7/9Muses’). Mamamoo and BTOB have been the only standouts for me and I usually don’t even bother with boy groups outside of Shinee. :

    • Nuno Evans

      This comment is so wrong that I pretend to say nothing

      • byoing~byoing.

        This article and my comment are 2 years old. Move the fuck on.

  • KingBeaArthur

    INFINITE have fallen off so hard! I was pleasantly surprised with “Back”, but I took it with a grain of salt and also placed my faith on their follow up. “Bad” ain’t cutting it. Romeo are doing INFINITE better than INFINITE now. *sigh

    • Nuno Evans

      Bad is the same thing as Back, just Bad Is way better. For me Bad is amazing I just can’t stand this shit you all are talking

      • Ametaf Johora

        yeah i totally agree. bad’s lyrics and vocals are so good. and i feel like this analysis isn’t rly a good one- it’s v subjective and personal opinion. bad DOES have drama

  • lildarien

    Pretty much summed up my thoughts on this one also. Great lead up to a terrible chorus. “Bat girl” has made a return.


    For some reason I keep checking out their singles thinking that I’m somehow going to love it and be blown away. Yeah no. Still bored and underwhelmed.

    Also I’m completely confused as to how Infinite is charting higher than Got7’s adorable and perfect masterpiece Just Right.

    • Well, infinite’s has a bad chorus, but with got7… I don’t even know if I would classify that as a song to begin with.

      • Nuno Evans

        Shut the fuck up, “bad chorus”? Honestly people this days are just garbage that hate everything.
        Love Bad of infinite

    • Nuno Evans

      I love got 7 ,really love, but just right isn’t good…But I love all other songs of them <3 .and I love bad, really love this song of infinite people are idiot, disliking everything… you seem to be one of this Jerk persons… sigh
      (Btw hope you Ve checked out The eyw of infinite )

  • Damn, this is awful. I could see any nugu (Monsta X, Unique, BTS,…) releasing this, but Infinite? With the amazing backlog they have?


    I’d take Man in love before this (that song really grew on me for some reason).

    • Nuno Evans

      OMG you neither know wtf are you sayin. This song of infinite is great.
      And unique? Hmm I think its….UNIQ!!!!! .-.
      I Cant understand why monstax ,or BTS or “unique ” could make this song, this song/Bad is so Infinite and one of my favourites of them.
      “Awful”…I don’t know If I cry or laugh of your innocence

      I don’t need people who hates everything, why don’t you all thinl more about that? ><

  • unloveable

    Honestly, I just find myself caring about them less and less because it’s like woollim just stopped giving a fuck. They used to be so innovative and unique but now everything about them just seems so low budget.

    I KNOW a lot of it has to do with the fact that woollim is focusing on my homegirls lovelyz♡ now and their cute soon to debut boy group but it still makes me sad.

    But overall, my biggest complaint is that sunggyu has one of the most nasal and unappealing voices in kpop but he has been getting 70% of the lines in all of their songs since “man in love.” Their songs were honestly way better back when woohyun was the main vocal in all of their songs. Having sunggyu start the song, end the song, sing the pre chorus, and do the adlibs is just SO extra imo and needs to stop.

    Sunggyu stans can come for me all they want but it’s true. I mean he already got 2 solos, why does he need to take up so much of infinite’s songs as well? It’s annoying tbh.

    • ADW

      I’m sure in some songs L has had more lines and centres in a song and he can’t sing haha That’s like saying Yoona shouldn’t always be Centre in Soshi, she’s the best visual. Sungyu is the best all round singer. Woohyun is better at the high notes.

    • Quang Phạm

      I like Sunggyu’s voice. Woohyun has a better voice technical-wise but there’s something about Sunggyu’s voice that is appealing to me.

  • Db

    I like it.

  • ResidentTHOT

    Lol first Kween Muses and now Infinite? How exactly are you giving bad reviews for the two best releases this year. Good god. This is probably Infinite’s second best after The Chaser.


      I CANNOT.

      Nothing’s Over, BTD, Be Mine, Paradise, Back, Last Romeo, Infinite-H >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this.

  • Julian Jung

    WTF is wrong with Kpop this Summer? There have been maybe 3 great songs out of like 100 comebacks, I’m so serious. I’m all about Baby Infinite though! And by that, I mean ROMEO.

    • Nuno Evans

      Why the fuck Romeo is better than Bad? I seriously don’t understand these people. Bad Is one of my favourite songs, And The eye too

  • shoopdoop

    when i watched the romeo vid i was too distracted by their failed/premature test tube aesthetic begging for orthodontia and lessons on smiling for the camera to stan for them as baby INFANTNITE

    the infinite song is not half bad once you get through the hook

  • Nicole Naeun

    I actually like this one. A let down compared to Back, which was closing to the perfection of The Chaser, but I’d still take this.

    • I didn’t realize you stan Back too. I think it’s incredible but many people don’t like it -_-

      • Nicole Naeun

        Lmao, I was the one to tell u first abt how amazing Back is as soon as it was released

      • Nuno Evans

        People dislikes everything, people now are just garbage.I love Bad,back and other infinite songs,specially The eye. But yeah I love Bad too

  • SuMaya

    I honestly can’t believe how little lines Woohyun had. Not only in title song but two other songs in the album too. Sunggyu has a very unpleasing voice why he is singing the 70% of the song tbh.

  • Nuno Evans

    I CANT STAND THIS! WTF ARE YOU SAYING BAD ISN’T THAT GOOD? Sh*t, people this days are so stupid! Making stupid reviews and nonsense scores… I hate these people ,I don’t know how they live ,they make review of everything…wtf….this is my second favourite song of them, my first one I heard of them.This is like Back ,but way better.
    …That was my favourite song of all time for months…, and Now I cant f*cking listen to this song just because of your “intelligent ” words with nonsense and more nonsense.The chorus is great,the instrumental is amazing specially in the start,the vocals Infinite has as no other kpop group can sing …I love everything in that all are just idiot people who don’t deserve to know kpop …why you listen to kpop? To make these stupid posts and scores? To make me feel sad? Okay then…*sigh* .Love Bad..(and Romeo is nothing compared to this, honestly).
    As I said, if you all want to be idiot people who hates everything and make stupid reviews of everything… so continue,I won’t respect something like that never ,like “Hey let’s make a stupid review and make the people who like this “SH*IT”(Amazing for me) cry a lot!✨” …*sigh* ;-;