GOT7's 'Just Right' Is An Amy Schumer Parody And It's Amazing
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GOT7‘s last couple of singles have been steeped in trendy ’90s nostalgia (just like most things are these days), but nothing has hit it big on the charts in the way that you’d expect from a JYP act.

To try and turn things around, the boys have now switched up their sound for their new single, “Just Right.” It was penned by J.Y. Park and American duo The Jackie Boyz (who have worked with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber), and GOT7 are now peddling inspo-pop with a kid-friendly image.

Before I go any further, I gotta say this: “Just Right” is literally Amy Schumer’s “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” parody, except that it’s dead fucking serious.

On top of that, the young female lead in the music video is played by child actress Lee Ja In, who is one of the prettiest little girls in showbiz. In ten years time she’ll be a goddess. GOT7’s message of self-love and acceptance seems to only extend to gorgeous girls who just need to be reminded of how perfect they are–screw inner beauty!

Of course, all this ridiculousness just makes me love the song even more. Jackie Boyz’s production is superb, mixing mid-2000s Stargate acoustics with Southern guitar riffs and hip-hop beats. The hook is warm and sticky, not generic and obnoxious like so many boy band songs.

Both Bieber and Breezy would’ve recorded something like “Just Right” for their early albums, but it would’ve been more basic and straightforward like most mainstream American urban-pop is. The K-pop factor is the reason that the beat changes several times during the course of the song or why there seems to be two choruses instead of one.

Don’t you just love K-pop?