GOT7's 'Just Right' Is An Amy Schumer Parody And It's Amazing
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GOT7‘s last couple of singles have been steeped in trendy ’90s nostalgia (just like most things are these days), but nothing has hit it big on the charts in the way that you’d expect from a JYP act.

To try and turn things around, the boys have now switched up their sound for their new single, “Just Right.” It was penned by J.Y. Park and American duo The Jackie Boyz (who have worked with Chris Brown and Justin Bieber), and GOT7 are now peddling inspo-pop with a kid-friendly image.

Before I go any further, I gotta say this: “Just Right” is literally Amy Schumer’s “Girl, You Don’t Need Makeup” parody, except that it’s dead fucking serious.

On top of that, the young female lead in the music video is played by child actress Lee Ja In, who is one of the prettiest little girls in showbiz. In ten years time she’ll be a goddess. GOT7’s message of self-love and acceptance seems to only extend to gorgeous girls who just need to be reminded of how perfect they are–screw inner beauty!

Of course, all this ridiculousness just makes me love the song even more. Jackie Boyz’s production is superb, mixing mid-2000s Stargate acoustics with Southern guitar riffs and hip-hop beats. The hook is warm and sticky, not generic and obnoxious like so many boy band songs.

Both Bieber and Breezy would’ve recorded something like “Just Right” for their early albums, but it would’ve been more basic and straightforward like most mainstream American urban-pop is. The K-pop factor is the reason that the beat changes several times during the course of the song or why there seems to be two choruses instead of one.

Don’t you just love K-pop?

  • This song is doing nothing for me. Although I must say I like that JYP is trying something different with this group instead of making 2PM-lite.

  • ResidentTHOT

    When the chorus hits, we’re all taken back to Kidz Bop and ear-destroying sing-a-longs from The Wiggles on Treehouse.

  • SKS

    Cute song, cute guys, cute concept, poor hair choices.

    It’s the first GOT7 song I bought, though, so I guess that says something.

  • i kind of found it too disjointed? like there are parts of the song that i enjoy a lot and mostly i wish (YOUNGJAE) some parts (YOUNGJAE) would be cut from the (YOUNGJAE) song

    i feel like this is a great song for getting someone into got7 because they’re all really charming in it and yugyeom is getting hotter every day what the fuck, but im not sure i like it a lot just as a song


    Omg I’m so dead at the Amy Schumer parody connection! I didn’t even make that link Lmao!

    Anyway, I stan this song so hard and the MV just puts it over the top for me. I love what JYP is doing rn, they’re winning this year imo. GOT7 literally make me melt, this is so fucking adorable. When Jackson sticks his fingers in that cream and then sucks it off his fingers, GOT DAYUM! I die.

    Inner beauty is for ugly people.

    • jyp has only effed up his own comeback this year lol

      • MIKEE

        Lol That does not count. I refuse to acknowledge that embarrassment he calls a song even exists!

  • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

    Loved this song on first spin! The beat and the vibe is so early mid-2000s..I love how GOT7 can still incorporate nostalgia in their tracks!

    I think the girl chosen here is perfect. she defo looks like one of those creepy looking dolls in a ghibli flick LOL

    P.S.: I like the maknae, and jr, and mark

  • Kris

    This makes the second best song they’ve released (after A)

  • Julian Jung

    There isn’t a single song by this group that I like, and this comeback does not change that fact.

  • KingBeaArthur

    To be fair: their main audience is teen girls, so the song being inspirational drivel (lyrically) fits perfectly. I do think it’s a bs message, since your average straight {Korean, especially} male wouldn’t actively choose the homely, insecure girl outside of romantic comedies [we all know she’d have a make-over by the end anyway] or Twilight fan fiction aka 50 Shades.

    Message aside, I adore the song! Their best single behind “A”. And the mv is fun & visually interesting; cherry on top: they all look good! Even Bam’s cleaning gloves ^^

  • snailsong

    i always think their songs are really nice but that’s about it which still puts them above exo and winner so~

  • meowmel

    This song is like the perfect sequel to A

  • Leonardo Henrique

    i mean, how come excremento and wiener be bigger than got7? like for real?

  • Nicole Naeun

    Loving this! Mark oppa can get it.

  • It’s crazy how they have perfected their cute boyfriend concept. Every other boy group is trying too hard with the sexy and hard concepts. Normally stuff like this makes me cringe, but JYP executes it so well. And the song is crazy. I keep waiting for a beat to drop, and all I get are acoustic guitars and a funky chill vibe. Def including it into my favorites of this year!

  • the song is so cute and sweet and the whole concept makes me remind of how good teen top was when they were braave brothers’ male sistar. i’m glad got7 got their place because there’s literally no ugly boy in this group!

    the inspo-pop shtick is ridiculous indeed but song is so pretty that u neglect k-pop’s fakeness and listen and enjoy it as if you qctually believed avril lavigne was an alt-skater back in 2003 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    This is just soooo good!!!!