Is everybody starting to warm up to Girls’ Generation‘s “Party” comeback now? Y’all dragged me for giving Vanity Fair’s Best Song Of The Week a fairly positive review, but I suspect that it’s probably beginning to grow on people as everybody discovers its Katy Perry meets E-Girls charms.

If the song alone isn’t convincing you, then just check out SNSD’s live performances. The Divine Nine Amazing Eight held double comeback stages on Music Bank and Music Core over the weekend, and they were so much better than I expected them to be.

The girls seemed flat and unprepared for the entire “Mr.Mr.” era like they’d just given up and permanently switched to autopilot, but their latest stages have them back at their best.

They served pure sex for their “Check” performance despite big red Sunny pulling focus (and not in a good way) and their stylist taking the song’s title too literally by decking the girls out in sparkly plaid instead of some slinky seductive ensembles.

Edit: The “Check” outfits from Inkigayo are fucking iconic!

Is anyone else surprised at how well they pull off the sexy concept, or is it just me? Especially blank paper Yoona, who has recaptured her title as the top girl group goddess with her new blonde hair.

“Check” aside, the “Party” performances are also slaying–especially the Music Core one with the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E intro.

These performance have totally restored my faith in this entire era. I was worried it’d be a dud after the initial teasers failed to impress me, but now I’m fully primed for GG domination.

  • lildarien

    WTF is going on with Sunny. She’s more dead behind the eyes than Britney.

    • Johnnyyy

      Leave the queen out of this. Sunny replaced Jessica for being the group’s laziest member.

      • lildarien

        She’s landed the role by default it seems.

        • byoing~byoing.

          Immortal, flawless and iconic kween Sunny is probably protesting because her $8.99 bargain bin hair dye has probably fucked her hair permanently. Also, again, what is with the shit extensions they’ve giving idols these days? You can see her extensions as clear as day in that Check stage. :|

          • Johnnyyy

            That’s what I was thinking. And what’s the point in having extensions if you’re gonna wear a ponytail anyway?

          • ADW

            There is one stage of ‘Ring My Bell’ when in the dance Minah turns to the back and the camera stays and you can see tracks of her already cheap looking pink extensions #fixyoweaveladies
            Sunnys red hair is practically Vidal Sasson in some girl group standards lol

          • HANI ♥ KEN

            Sistar has it the worst. Both Soyu and Bora had their extensions fall out on broadcast :|

          • omg link

    • vandellas

      Poor girl is overworked and dealing with personal issues. Give her time.

      • lucinda veen

        Do you have any idea what those personal issues are? I’m honestly worried about her mental health.

  • vjx89

    Is it just me or Sunny just doesn’t give a shit anymore? She drags the whole energy down. She’s even managing to surpass Taeyeon in lack of charisma and stage presence. Please, give us back Jessica and take sunny away!

    • HANI ♥ KEN

      Honestly Sunny smiled brightly for 2 seconds and it made such a difference. She really is bringing the mood down this comeback when the other girls seem to be trying.

  • MolkangMolkang

    Personally, I prefer Check although, like other sultry slow jams, such as RV’s Automatic and arguably Be Natural, it was missing that one kick in the chorus. This year, Hyosung delivered the amazing ‘Taxi Driver’ and I wish SNSD could have pumped Check up a bit more. However, I still love listening to it along with Automatic and occasionally Be Natural (which would receive more love from me without that rap).

    • i somewhat agree, but disagree because “check” only follows a current SM sexy trend. TTS’s “whisper” was evidently sexier than “check”, “automatic” and “be natural” combined – especially because on “whisper” TTS were allowed to be sexy (red velvet au contrair…)

      • MolkangMolkang

        True true, I do hope they keep on this trend for a while with their B-sides though so that they can improve upon it. Songs like this are ones that slowly slink their way to becoming regularly played, especially moreso for me as I listen to music depending on the mood and weather (which means songs like that are great since the weather is about 85-90% rain).

        • lol well i think snsd needs A SEXY SINGLE MV AND FULL CONCEPT. check my comment above and i give you other examples where they’ve done sexy or at least sexy-ish before. so i think they deserve a more direct sexy concept – although this is very whishful thinking since it is not SM style of doing sexy. never. u_u

          • MolkangMolkang

            I will definitely check them out. Unfortunately, even with SNSD going all role play with the doctor costumes last year, they’ll never go directly sexy, not like other groups such as Girl’s Day. Like A Pink is put on a pedestal by fans for not giving into the ‘sexy’ image, SNSD is somehow in a neutral zone between cute and sexy, and with the group approaching its last few years I don’t think SM will be particularly innovative and risky. A girl can dream though.

          • but apink is subversive sexy all the time! people are just too dumb to notice… certain dance moves, the way the flop members look hungrily at the camera, L.U.V was pure post-break up sex yearning!

          • MolkangMolkang

            Of course, they’re secret sirens leading us to our deaths. Curse them. Not that I mind in the slightest.

      • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

        Yup I agree, the TTS Whisper stages were very sexy! Sexy ass song + tinge of lesbo touchy touchy is a perf combination. How I wished that Whisper was their title track but it’s so difficult to forget that Holler happened

  • TheFishHook

    Everything about this pre-comeback comeback is great.

    The outfits for the Inkigayo performance of check doe.

    • Omg, didn’t even realize they performed on Inki. For some reason I thought they weren’t allowed on or something lmao. Will add this to the post now.


    Sunny is pissed they gave her ass a mullet! Its alright girl, I’d say fuck it and just spend my day taking selcas by the pool also.

    Sorry but Party is still terrible and so is that choreo they stole from my 8 year old niece. I’m not surprised they can be sexy, they’re in their fucking mid 20’s for God sake! That’s my biggest gripe with party, is that it is too juvenile for these WOMEN. The Check and Catch Me if You Can perfs were on point tho.

    Also, shout out to Yoona’s blonde hair for giving her a personality and some sex appeal! The true star is Yuri and her bangs shutting shit down tho! In Yurisus name I pray.

    • Gurl plz you’re never too old for cute concept. SECRET were the same age when they did iconic YooHoo and I Do I Do.

      And Katy Perry was like 30 when she did the legendary California Gurls Super Bowl performance with the shark and it was so cute and fun.

      • i agree with you here. what’s with people growing older and totally rejecting the cute and romantic? of course that it sometimes may seem ridiculous but asians hava taught me it can also be a lot fun so fuck it! we gotta stop fucking controlling everybody’s bodies let it be!

      • MIKEE

        Are you really using Katy Perry as a defense right now? Lmao! He must be stopped! The thing is, is that they didn’t actually take it all the way like Secret do. I would be down if SM had the balls to go there, but because they don’t we get…this. Also, Secret are on a whole other level. It really isn’t fair to SNSD to compare them to Kween Secret.

        • Lin Yang

          Plus they’re lip syncing everything. Once they have to sing and dance at the same time, Ahjumma Generation will check out and go back to auto pilot. They clearly don’t care anymore and just staying for the check before they inevitably split.

          Plus I just found it awkward for them to be performing Party. They clearly don’t give a shit and just forcing a smile throughout their performance. I don’t buy anything.

          • ibeRochelle

            Why would a group that’s still popular and doing good just quit like that? Honestly, I think it’d be more realistic if it was WG who chose to give up.

          • Lin Yang

            No, that’s the point. SNSD and SM realise their fans will buy anything, so they’re just sticking around to milk as much money as possible. That’s why their previous performances were on auto-pilot. They basically just perform for the fans and don’t put any extra effort. Just watch their concert videos, they don’t eve care or try anymore.

            Yeah I don’t care if WG choose to give up. I’ve already checked out years ago when Sun and Sohee left.

    • ADW

      This ” I’d say fuck it and just spend my day taking selcas by the pool also. ” Actually made me Lol.

  • well i must really be a sone because i’ve already nerdified SNSD’s discography and “check” – or the idea of “sexy soshi” – feels nothing new to me, since i’ve listened and studied their discography ever since i became a fan.

    [and that’s just how i am with my music; ask me anything about madonna’s and kylie minogue’s catalogue and i’ll give you name, album/era, time and sometimes even production personnel and trivia. so i’ll never accept someone calling me a delulu or whatever because my aries spirit will never eat such bullshit – you gotta go hard or go home here or else don’t even talk to me. lol]

    *ends self-affirmative rant*

    anyways… there’s this little song called “wake up” on HOOT’s ep that may not be so blatantly sexy, but on terms of vocal deliverance it is pure sex! and since i never firstly consider lyrics because well, i don’t speak korean, the aspect formerly mentioned gives a lot of food for imagination.

    on “the boys” album there’s a song called “OSCAR” and even if it does sound overproduced sometimes, there are many sexy elements you would never find on SNSD’s singles – although if you don’t feel the sex aura in things like “genie” and “run devil run” i suggest you checking your head maybe. lol

    then there’s the japan stuff: “boomerang” (later koreanized as “talk talk” in “I GOTTA A BOY”), then “lips” and “karma butterfly” on their latest japanese album.

    so no, i’m not at all surprised with their sexiness, but i’m glad SM is finally allowing them to fully sugest it on mainstream performances because, for fucksake even the most unsexy of androginous people – aka amber – was given a sexy context, so snsd’s was overdue!

    • culchan

      FWIW, Yuri’s cover of “If” from the 2011 DVD melts the freaking screen.

  • okay… the performances:

    – my effing god! music core’s camera work is the most unflattering for choreography! it’s just disgusting and unfortunate for someone whose important part of being a k-pop fan is the dancing… which the main thing i like about “party” the dance.. well got totally screwed up. as for the song, still find it meh – although i’ll deffinitely not skip it when on the full album tracklist.

    – cut sunny some slack will you all? girl just can’t do sexy… like taeyeon or sooyoung. it’s not for everyone even if you try. for example, i have this pole dance teacher she’s a killer on fierce strong pole dancing, but when it comes to the sexy choreographies she’s just a stiff thing on another.

    – having said that the snsd SEXY FRONT LINE [from the top sexy to the okay sexy] is
    1. yuri [the bangs! the legs! the whole everything!],
    2. hyoyeon [the confidence! although she needs her long mermaid hair],
    3. seohyun [YES, prude maknae’s proved who has more fire in her loins] and [from “” era to this]
    4. yoona.

    and yes the latter has been given a whole new thing to look at with the blond weave, but still she has a lot to catch up on the other three.

    – finally, CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!! you’re all blabering about check and all – and it’s okay since CMIYC is not as good musically as many of her other singles [although i’d choose it over “party” with my ears puffed] – but i’m beyond happy they performed it at least once on this round of promos because THE CHOREOGRAPHY IS TO KILL!

    it’s their best since I GOT A BOY and it’s for the insane haters – who mostly know nothing about stage dancing – that snsd aren’t good dancers. there you are, all of them looking perfect, on sync and fully present!

    if that choreography were a man i’d marry it. u__u

  • KingBeaArthur

    The live stages (minus Sunny – can’t believe she was my bias at one point! Girl, go.) slightly redeemed “Party”. It’ll never be a song I put on repeat, but it’s cute & light, and it’s nice to see the girls (again, minus Sunny) having fun on stage.

    If E-Girls had released this it’d be my jam.

  • Yuri can’t do cute.

    • Aviator

      She can only do sexy. And for that, I am grateful.

  • anya

    Their performance on their comeback showcase in Naver was really reluctant and made me doubt about this comeback in general.

    But I really agree with this, seeing their stages in music shows really turns my doubt otherwise. Their live performances really boosts my expectation for this era in general and what more of they hold for the future.

  • snailsong

    i’m loving this era to death (check on inkigayo changed my LIFE!!) although sunny is a worry. Girl is serving all her usual vocal charm but appears to have overdone the botox AND lost whatever sway she had with the coordis :( she’s still my favourite voice in the group tho (along with hyoyeon who btw sunny could learn a thing or two from image wise)

  • Hyoyeon: The White Babe

    My Gretchen unnie will describe how I feel about the Party comeback stages

    The CMIYC perf gave me serious life!!!!! You see, it all boils down to editing if the performance will slay. MuCore stage slayed af because it didn’t reveal Sunny’s mess unlike in the actual video wherein you can see her dancing like an…wait did she tho? And look at that thumbnail, blank paper yoona is now a colorful stationery!!! <3

    I know the girl is under some shit rn, but who isn't? Especially for this group. She could've put in some work in the actual MV but damn, she was such an eyesore there!

    And i love this: The Divine Nine Amazing Eight!! hahahaha! OT9 forevs!!

  • Leonardo Henrique

    omg, tiffany is so obnoxius, i cant stand looking at her face.

  • William Love

    I would enjoy party a lot more if it was an a pink/lovelyz song – the mr mr promo cycle may have been a disaster but conceptually, that’s exactly where SNSD should be.

    Also, Tiffany actually gave it to me a little bit during CMIYC. Sunny is messy and it’s too bad she doesn’t give a fuck anymore cause she was like the honorary fifth member of SNSD’s dancing line back in the day (Edit: JK that was seohyun)

  • Adriaan

    This is them back at their best? … They are so lucky they debuted when they did.

  • ibeRochelle

    Thank you for posting up these vids, I love them all!

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    I think I have yet to warm up to the song (altough I’m sure I will cause there’s nothing wrong with it) but I gotta say the girls look GOOD!