Is everybody starting to warm up to Girls’ Generation‘s “Party” comeback now? Y’all dragged me for giving Vanity Fair’s Best Song Of The Week a fairly positive review, but I suspect that it’s probably beginning to grow on people as everybody discovers its Katy Perry meets E-Girls charms.

If the song alone isn’t convincing you, then just check out SNSD’s live performances. The Divine Nine Amazing Eight held double comeback stages on Music Bank and Music Core over the weekend, and they were so much better than I expected them to be.

The girls seemed flat and unprepared for the entire “Mr.Mr.” era like they’d just given up and permanently switched to autopilot, but their latest stages have them back at their best.

They served pure sex for their “Check” performance despite big red Sunny pulling focus (and not in a good way) and their stylist taking the song’s title too literally by decking the girls out in sparkly plaid instead of some slinky seductive ensembles.

Edit: The “Check” outfits from Inkigayo are fucking iconic!

Is anyone else surprised at how well they pull off the sexy concept, or is it just me? Especially blank paper Yoona, who has recaptured her title as the top girl group goddess with her new blonde hair.

“Check” aside, the “Party” performances are also slaying–especially the Music Core one with the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E intro.

These performance have totally restored my faith in this entire era. I was worried it’d be a dud after the initial teasers failed to impress me, but now I’m fully primed for GG domination.