G-Friend Continues Winning Streak With 'Me Gustas Tu'
Fresh, Catchy Chorus (In Spanish!)J-Pop Influence Great Choreography
Still Feels More Derivative Than Other Innocent Girl Groups
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G-Friend is such a weird anomaly. A J-pop inspired group with C-list visuals and a small agency that shamelessly copies Girls’ Generation and APink, yet somehow they’ve experienced an unprecedented amount of success for a rookie girl group.

What’s G-Friend’s secret? Is it all down to their ties with SM Entertainment, or is there something more? Is their flawed beauty more relatable to teens and appealing to uncle fans? Is it the nostalgia factor of their music and concepts? Is it sajaegi and savvy media play? Maybe it’s all of the above?

As expected, the group’s new single, “Me Gustas Tu” (Spanish for “I Like You”), is already a big hit on the digital charts, and it’s not hard to see why.

Produced by “Glass Bead” hitmaker Lee Gi Yong Bae, “Me Gustas Tu” is right on trend with literally everything that’s popular this second: early 2000s bubblegum production, innocent concept, summer-friendly. Add in heavy J-pop influences in the form of artificial electric guitars and the styling of the music video and you’ve got a group that’s both incredibly derivative and wonderfully fresh all at once.

Making the title Spanish (and subsequently the chorus too) instead of English is also a clever way to make G-Friend stand out and offers further proof that music has no language (something us K-pop fans are always telling the non-believers).

“Me Gustas Tu” is basically a Japanese, Spanish, Korean hybrid!

Even G-Friend’s choreography is strong and distinctive while their live performances are synchronized and energetic. This is probably a result of their SM connections, which gives them access to some of the best choreographers around.

Overall I can’t say that I like G-Friend more than the groups that inspired them like APink or vintage SNSD, and they haven’t surpassed the other cute rookies like Oh My Girl or Lovelyz. But I don’t particularly like them any less, either. I’m loving all the new girl groups these days for different reasons, and the return of the innocent concept is nice after last year’s sexy craze.

I just wonder how long G-Friend can last. With the way they’re going they’re either gonna rocket straight to the top like APink did, or their bubble will burst and their fleeting stardom will be chalked down to some of the factors I mentioned before.

Until then, I’ll be watching. This shady group fascinates the hell out of me!

  • International Cockroach

    Heard Me Gustas Tu choreo is by the same guy that did BTS’s DOPE.

  • Their Soshibond concept is executed better than other groups; their mv’s feel like 80’s movies of tween sleepovers & summercamps. All the settings are Korean, unlike OMG & others who dance on a lively, but foreign, soundstage. Even though they shouldn’t, G-Friend just feels fresher than everyone else.

  • Db

    It’s funny how the entire GFriend concept is completely the opposite of what I like, but I love these girls and their music.

  • T-rollypoly

    Gfriend is dominating this rookie girl group game except for of course Red Velvet (they don’t count cause they were born with silver spoons in their mouths). 2 songs are already hits and I don’t see them slowing down as long as they stick with this Slice of Life/Fruits Basket type of sound and their hard hitting cutesy choreography. Twice, April, DIA, Pink Punk??? are coming out soon so the situation will still change.

    • I actually include G-Friend as SM group, in terms of being afforded the same opportunities as a group like Red Velvet more or less. They didn’t debut with a built in fanbase like SM groups do, but they had so many privileges like going on Runnin Man or having Sunny at their showcase comparing them to SNSD lmao. There’s no way they could be as successful as they are now without the SM connections.

      • T-rollypoly

        That’s fair. Did you know that Sunny also said that she sees the past SNSD in Gfriend? Something that Apink would kill for just to hear. Haha! jk.

        • Yup, and she was clearly told to say that to promote G-Friend lol.

          • T-rollypoly

            Hehe! Obviously, that’s why she’s there in the first place.

  • png

    They reached #27 on Melon just now which is ridiculous compared to other rookie groups that debuted at the same time.
    Their songs are catchy and also entirely in Korean except for one phrase which may appeal to more than just the teen demographic. I’m rooting for this group and hopefully not everlasting nugus, LABOUM.
    Looking at the charts, it looks like SNSD and Girl’s Day did the worst in terms of the battle between the big name girl groups. Their songs aren’t staying in Top 10.

  • Pez

    Me gusta.

    • Two comments from you in the past few days? Has my hairy Latin boo Pez really returned to me?

      • Pez

        I was like, overseas. Still had internet, but that’s neither here nor there.

  • honestly, i didn’t love glass bead as much as everyone else (although i thought it was good), but this one is a winner! it hooked me better than “remember”, that if it weren’t for that flute i’d have long forgotten it.

    • Julian Jung

      YES to everything you just typed! Couldn’t stand Anal Bead, but I’m so loving this! Especially the spanish part. I’m so stanning for Jessica .5 and the interesting looking maknae, who reminds me of Kei Yasuda from Morning Musume, who I loved.

      • haha “intersting looking” you are so kind.

        but yeah she’s marvelous. i think she’s my bias

        • disqus_4Rn1256qw8

          “Interesting looking” is weird to me too except it’s because she’s one of the cutest rookies in K-pop right now.

          Like, Umji’s face is one of the only things about this group I’m completely on board with. Their music just bores me mostly.

  • byoing~byoing.

    Keumjo unnie me gustas this song as well.

    • don’t u mean yerin?

      fuck i honestly can’t be sure since apart from jessica and ugly girl all of the other are THE SAME. but i think the one you refer is yerin…? someone, please help? lol

  • KingBeaArthur

    I still don’t care for the group, but the song has grown on me. It won’t be on repeat anytime soon though…I’m not there yet, girls.

  • Leonardo Henrique

    i dont see it. i must be blind, all i see is some random ass apink meets snsd realness. and isnt even that real. i need some beauty. for real, put some qri looking chick in the middle

  • vjx89

    I couldn’t get myself to like Anal Bead, but Me Gustas Tu i didn’t even have to try. I’m loving them. Wonder if they can do a Into The New World re-up. hehe

  • Nicole Naeun

    Other rookies and some established group can take a sit, and learn from the newly pros! Show ’em how to do it, girls!