D.Holic Returns With The Surprisingly Good Booty Banger 'Chewy'
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I remember D.Holic, not for their unbelievably cheap debut single, but because their name is D.Holic.


Addicted to the D.

the d gif

Despite their $2 debut, D.Holic’s sponsors have generously decided to up the budget for the group’s follow up, “Chewy.”

It’s basically a fusion of “Up & Down” and “Talk Dirty,” with booming bass punctuated by warped synths and wiggly Middle Eastern horns. The chorus is quite soft, but I like it–it’s the main thing that stops “Chewy” from being a complete EXID retread.

Speaking of EXID, the official music video is straight from the “Up & Down” school of hot pants and booty shaking. It’s great for a nugu MV, and it even includes a candy facial for all you sploshers out there.

I doubt “Chewy” will chart or anything like that, but with a beat this bangin’ and killer choreography to match, D.Holic should be a big hit at all the college festivals and pool parties this summer.

  • culchan

    This guy approves:

  • T-rollypoly

    Ooooh that chorus I like!

  • consuela

    “D.Holic” LMFAO

  • lildarien

    Oh wow they’ve managed to clone AOA ChoA, Bestie Uji and EXID Hani for this. Great track too.

    • Db

      The member in the red shirt looks like Ladies’ Code’s Ashley.

      I wasn’t expecting much, but I greatly enjoyed it.

      • I thought of Ashley too!

      • roelm

        The song even sounds to me like a more mature, sexed-up Ladies’ Code track. Enjoyable song and great eye candy including the outfits. :)

  • Db

    First came Sticky Sticky, now comes Chewy Chewy. I wonder what’s next! Juicy Juicy?! Splooshy Splooshy?!


  • KingBeaArthur

    That beat kind of hits tbh. Only thing I’m not feeling is the concept. The production is so sensual/sinister; why match it with some coloring book/candy concept??

    And I had no idea who this group was prior to this, but D.holic is the most brilliant name! 10 outta 10.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    Cute song actually! The girls look bad tho LOL