That Blady reign just won’t let up!

After submitting to the sexy concept for “Come To Me” and then trying to be all edgy and charismatic like EXID and 4minute with the bonkers “Oochie Walla Walla,” Blady are now taking a stab at a cute summer concept with their latest single, “Secret Number.”

The song is low budget “Shake It Off” lite (but better, tbh) while the MV is literally just Blady playing outside some rented beach houses.

Since there’s nobody else in the video, I’m assuming that the resort was either evacuated from a MERS scare or Blady filmed there off-season when the place was empty and have been waiting for months to release it. They look so warm and happy frolicking in their tank tops and short shorts, but in reality they’re freezing their asses off because it’s actually the middle of winter.

But seriously, what’s the point of something like this? What’s going through the head of Blady’s CEO when he decides to green light this project? Is there a part of him that thinks “Maybe this will be the song to smash!”, or did they just have this cheap Tay Tay knock-off lying around and a lot of spare time, so why not make a fun little video for Blady’s three fans?

Anyway, I love that Blady just won’t go away any more. They used to disappear for years between comebacks, but in the past few months alone we’ve basically had three singles from them and even some z-list variety promo.

Never give up, girls!