These days K-pop fans treat After School like total flops just because the group’s past its “Because of You” glory days, but they’re really not THAT far gone.

Their songs chart decently enough by mid-tier girl group standards, their Orange Caramel sub-unit is a big hit,  they’ve got a handful of members with successful solo activities, and they’ve got some presence as hallyu stars in both China and Japan.

That’s why I’m surprised to learn that the girls are desperate to make a full group comeback in Korea, but it’s Pledis’ lack of finances that’s stopping them.

Queen of Trot Lizzy and Onew’s Mrs. Robinson Jungah have both expressed their desire for an After School comeback over social media recently, with Lizzy revealing that it’s a lack of cash that’s standing in their way.

We need money for a comeback but we don’t have any… I also want one [a comeback],” Lizzy wrote.

How bad is Pledis doing that they can’t afford to fund an After School comeback? I know they lost Son Dam Bi and Hello Venus and that Nu’est crashed and burned, but I assumed they’d be getting some dough from Orange Caramel and UEE.

After School hasn’t promoted in Korea since 2013’s romantic stripper anthem “First Love,” so I’m guessing that Avex Trax has been paying for their Japanese activities for the past few years.

Perhaps Pledis invested all their money into Seventeen and have now gone broke? A 13-member boy band can’t be cheap, especially one that was in the works for years before they even debuted. At least Seventeen’s been successful so far, so that’s something.

Whatever happens, I hope Pledis doesn’t disband After School. I stand by the group’s graduation concept and have always thought that it’s a great idea when used properly.

My advice is for Pledis to keep After School in the basement until they get enough cash to do the group’s long-awaited comeback justice, and then relaunch with a handful of graduations (UEE and Jungah, obviously) and a number of fresh new members. Maybe even do a survival program, something similar to The KARA Project, and have Kahi and Jungah as judges.

And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rehire Shinichi Osawa, who did the group’s ridiculously good Japanese singles “Heaven” and “Shh,” although his sound might not be commercial enough for Korea.

Either way, I look forward to an After School comeback. I refuse to give up hope!


    This makes me so sad. I’ve never seen a group pleading for a comeback like this before. BoA is the reason I got into kpop but After School is the first group I discovered so they have a special place in my heart; Bang! turned me into a stan. They’re one of the few groups that actually release albums that are God tier from start to finish. Most of their Japanese releases are some of the best pop releases period. Plus they give such unique stages for every comeback. I feel like I have blue balls after First Love, so fucking iconic. Their contracts will expire before we see them as a group again but I NEED an After School comeback to soothe my troubled soul tbh.

  • seriously.. andd i’ve been meaning to tweet this for a while… this is the ONE AND ONLY group i am craving for a comeback.

  • anya

    Why these kind of things keep happening to female idols… Not long ago NetizenBuzz translated k-netz reactions for a news regarding Nine Muses barely making enough to eat, and now this… Female idols get treated harsher than male idols, nugu or not, and the target market for female idols is certainly more competitive than male idols. Brb crying for my kpop goddesses.

    • Clifford

      because company like pledis is not that big of a company so there is so much they can do considering they don’t bring really bring any revenue. i would say sooner or later if the company doesn’t get out of their financial hole soon after school is most likely to disband or getting picked up by another company

  • Quingg

    Pledis probably lost money due to losing Kahi and Son Dambi. I’m sure Kahi didn’t bring in big bucks, but she was the most popular or most known member of After School/Pledis.

    Pledis obviously didn’t handle their group properly. Instead of giving Raina and Lizzy those half assed and horrible solo debuts, that money could’ve went into a new single for After School. I also think they should’ve capitalized off Nana’s popularity and gave her a solo debut instead. Granted she’s not like a Main Vocal, but she’s a good singer, she’s beautiful, sexy and can dance her ass off. That would’ve gave Pledis enough money to support these comebacks.

  • William Love

    I think it’s hilarious that seventeen only has thirteen members like at least nine muses’ name made sense for their debut.

    Also weeping for our cash-strapped goddesses! I didn’t think pledis was that broke and part of me wishes they never made seventeen in the first place (even though vernon is amazing). What ever happened to nu’est-M? I bet if they properly promoted in China like they were supposed to, they could make money. As evidenced by t-ara, the hallyu wave is alive and well and China’s got money to burn soooooooooo

    • Elen

      Nues’t is in same boat as After school, nobody even talk about them anymore. Hello Venus is now in another company or they wouldnt work too.
      I feel sorry for the girls, is like watching someone die of hunger =/

  • This makes me sad. Afterschool, specifically their Japanese stuff, is the main group I show to kpop fans. With their gorgeous visuals, dancing, and catchy songs, they never fail to impress. Shocking that Pledis, with recently producing great eras for OC & 17, are incapable of promoting a return of AS.

  • roelm

    “And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to rehire Shinichi Osawa, who did the group’s ridiculously good Japanese singles “Heaven” and “Shh,” …”

    I definitely second this. Osawa had definitely proven that he can make good music.

  • jizabel

    Pledis, get that troll-looking ass Vernon in the sponsor’s lounge asap, or at least have him work a few more extra shifts than he already does now. I don’t care how many loads he has to take to the face, After School deserves at least one more comeback!

    • Aviator

      Pretty sure the entire group Seventeen already does. AND they still had to make their own choreo and produce half of the songs for their own damn mini!

      Damn PLEDIS, how could you let this shit happen?

  • culchan

    Problem: “We need money for a comeback but we don’t have any… I also want one [a comeback],” Lizzy wrote.


  • Jpop>Kpop

    After School folded their japanese fanclub so I doubt that they plan to ever go back there.

    • Sunny

      I think they called it a day when Dress to Kill flopped. Ssh was an amazing song but was not really a “hit single”. They should have picked a different song to promote it.

  • Heaven and Shh are some of the best jams from 2013 and 2014.

  • t-errorist

    Pledis needs to start a kickstarter for AS’s single! I’ll give them my life savings!

  • mjm5822

    Not to mention that the two newest members, well not new anymore since its been like 3 and 4 years, are amazing. Kaeun is gorgeous and in charge of being innocently sexy while E-young is incredibly talented musically. This group is going to waste!

  • Hiddensone

    Seeing Lizzy saying she is miserable and can’t even eat fucking noodles with the proper chopsticks is probably the saddest thing ever. If they ever do comeback, I hope they pull a Miss A and just surprisingly slay the charts.

  • Hiddensone

    And how could Lizzy be in that financial situation? Did Pledis rob all of the money Catallena made? That shit got downloaded 1 million times.

    • Clifford

      you will be amazed on how little money they get from downloading a single song. majority of the money comes from album sales and promotio on numerous broadcast. It is just Pledis isn’t generating enough revenue for their talents to do anything. LIzzy had an ok solo but majority of that money went to all the promotion she did all the programs she promoted on. it does suck because afterschool is popular just they don’t have fiances to do any activities but they got smart and use this chance to get started in their acting careers.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    OMG this is beyond sad! Poor girls! They’re one of the first k-pop groups I got into! They’re so talented, I love em!

  • sugar tha sweetest

    Pledishit sucks.

  • beat

    That explains why they gave Lizzy a solo debut…I hope they still have enough money for an Orange Caramel comeback. What AS needs is a strong rapper like Bekah. Don’t make Lizzy a rapper just because she knows how to speak English!

  • j d

    The Heaven MV was the best brothel ever.

  • Mattey

    Pledis fucked up. Wasn’t Raina and San E’s collab the second most downloaded song in SK last year? Where the fuck are they doing with the money. I know SEVENTEEN didn’t use up THAT much. I know it was pricy, but their debut album sold well too. Seriously Pledis CEO, quit stealing the money and fund your own damn groups. Shifty ass bastard.

    • Clifford

      well all of seventeen success would have to go to paying all the broadcast and promotion for their debut which isn’t cheap and also they have to get paid as well. plus they have to put the money back in to company in order for the company to function. even though Seventeen had a successful debut it is no where the amount needed to get an afterschool comeback.

  • Ash

    Their agency can afford to fund other groups but can’t fund After School comeback. What a joke! Even Stellar whose agency is so poor and cannot even afford a transport vehicle or practice room for the idols can afford a comeback with a nice set!

    • Clifford

      well they spend a lot of money on dambi and kahi plus Seventeen ain’t cheap either plus orange caramel is doing their own thing. in stellar case at least their label is generating revenue while pledis is barely generating any.

  • Person

    I agree about Shh being ridiculously good LOL. I can’t believe it came out two years ago.. AS really seems to be in danger at this point.

  • Reika

    i hope nu’est becomes popular again ;u; but they were and will always be my bias group :P i liked kahi actually …