4TEN Returns As POTEN: Prettier, Funkier, Less Plastic, And More Flawless
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I take credit for introducing a number of people to the iconic 4TEN with my post on their “Why” comeback. I remember being slayed, blessed, and blown away by the terrifying amount of plastic surgery one of the rappers had and how ‘visually challenged’ (to put it nicely) the other rapper was.

Well, those two members are now gone, and three prettier girls have sprung up in their place. The group has also changed its name to POTEN (what?), which brings up hideous pictures of deformed farm animals if you punch the word into Google Image search (don’t do it–I learned the hard way).

POTEN’s (I really hate that word) first two singles were just low budget dance-pop tracks, but their cheapness worked to their advantage by helping the best elements of the songs to stand out like diamonds in the rough.

I wasn’t expecting this, but their new single, “Go Easy,” has a much bigger budget to go along with the group’s upgraded visuals. It’s a killer funky house number that’s a welcome change from the recent eurodance singles, and it takes me back to when I was sneaking into clubs at 16 dancing to Hed Kandi compilations, Freemasons singles, and Moto Blanco remixes.

After hearing “Go Easy,” I have to wonder why other girl groups aren’t doing this sound? It’s the perfect middle ground between Korea’s love of old-school disco and funk, and the trendy EDM songs that are dominating the charts these days.

Oh, and before I forget, the sexually-suggestive lyrics about extending the physical ecstasy of lovemaking before the big O is the cherry on top of this fabulous comeback.

Did POTEN seriously just have one of the best girl groups comebacks of the Summer? Crazy.

  • T-rollypoly

    I am 100% sure they replaced the 2 other girls just because they’re ugly and the netizens called them out, no other reason. The fans and the industry can really be so cruel. This new line up is pretty though so good decision.

    • 100% agree. They’ve done it to other groups before, like A Pink and U-Kiss.

      • KingBeaArthur

        Alexander wasn’t that bad! On the other hand, Kibum was…entertaining?

      • T-rollypoly

        I’m now scared for the maknae of Gfriend & Sorn. @_@

      • Bruno

        Girl’s Day as well. Dream Tea got rid of all the fugly members (Jisun, Ji-in, Jihae), replaced them with Yura and Hyeri and we ended up with the prettiest line-up out there. <3

  • omg 4TEN was my nugu bias of 2014! firstly my condolences to the departed flopten members: cubist-faced goddess TEM and global plastic surgery ambassador eujin.

    they’re really coming for all the wigs with this new song. the haunted house intro, the disco vibes, and is that a theremin i hear?! someone better pick up hyeri’s new clip-ons off the damn floor.

    ok and that video. at first i was like, “get that uncut surfer dick, poten” and then these hookers turn around and rob his white ass dry!! you better work that tenpro! on my list of summer comebacks, this is landing just below namyu’s life-changing slay locker but above calvin harris’ heart attack feat. seolhyun.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Loving this song! “Why” falls under the surprisingly great category; “Go Easy” effortlessly surpasses it!

    And honestly, I miss that one hideous rapper :( Kween served Grand High Witch realness.

    • Compared to 4TEN’s rapper, the grand high witch just won first prize in a beauty contest, collect 50 dollars. The rapper was go directly directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

  • HavokWWE

    I think their label felt that TEM and Eujin weren’t too attractive, but where talented enough to get by.

    Interestingly enough, most groups that replace members, the new members tend to be very bionic and don’t really bring much to the table. This new line up brought a new rapper and 2 lead vocalists!

  • lol okay

    1- i miss the fugly members too
    2- this groups has some of the worst plastic surgeries on k-pop
    3- song is great
    4- dance is the most boring from this summer – and i effing hate playback’s
    5- why does k-pop keep doing girl group thieves with the worst robbering wardrobe in the world? hey, you’re not going to escape wearing clothes which anyone can effing identify you! plus you’re NOT dal*shabet! u_u

  • Bruno

    LOL, the responsible for uploading it to youtube probably forgot their international name was 4TEN and went with the literal translation of 포텐, wich is POTEN. And that level of laziness only make things EVEN MORE AWESOME. <3

  • Egbutts Egbust

    Poten is obviously a reference to them getting rid of their best members. Forever missing the Nations’ Tupperware™

  • Omg, I am so happy I decided to read this review, cuz I am in love with this song. Sidenote, another sound that girl groups should be cribbing is Kylie Minogue.

  • Not having the scary plastic member kind of takes away from the group. I’ll probably not remember them again in a while, but I do like the song.

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    The song is forgetable and unremarkable but I laughed with the whole post and comments ahahah