To the surprise of absolutely nobody, SM Entertainment has now almost finally confirmed Sulli‘s departure from f(x).


After reports emerged earlier today that Sullovely was leaving K-pop’s most overstylized quintet in order to focus on her other careers as a print model and occasional actress, SM quickly responded with a bullshit “maybe she will, maybe she won’t” official statement.

“There is nothing that has been decided. We will make a decision on Sulli’s future group activities after careful consideration.”

“We are flustered that such articles have come out when nothing has been concretely decided on regarding Sulli. We are also currently picturing a comeback in the later half of the year for f(x), but no details have been decided yet on that either.”

Considering that SM is the kind of company that has about thirty member withdrawals per week on average, I’ll be more surprised if Sulli stays than if she goes.

People are probably going to try and make a big deal about this for whatever reason, but what’s the point? f(x) losing a member is like Super Junior or EXO losing a member–it means nothing and doesn’t change a thing.

f(x) is not SHINee. There’s no magical x factor to the lineup that elevates the group beyond their spectacular art direction and genre-bending music. They promoted “Mr. Boogie” without Amber, the group’s most distinctive member, back in 2011, and it didn’t make a difference. They continued promoting “Red Light” without Sulli after Choiza-gate last year and it felt the same as when they performed it as five.

f(x)’s music is so great, their concepts so unbelievably perfect that’s it’s nice to believe that they’re a special group that can only work as five and that it’s the members that make the magic happen, but it’s just not true. Red Velvet already proved how easy it is to clone f(x).

Plus, Sulli was just a visual. An incredible visual, but a visual. f(x) still has two of those left, plus a rapper, plus an amazing vocalist. Most groups are lucky to even have one top visual, so f(x) will be perfectly fine with two.

Sulli will also be fine on her own. Her beauty is so striking and flawless that the post-Choiza netizen backlash against her has been surprisingly soft. People think badly of her now, but she’s so pretty that they kind of don’t care. Time will heal the wounds, and Sulli will eventually become a real actress or a celebrity that lives off her good looks. Either way, everything will work out in the end. (That is, unless she gets pregnant.)

Now bring on the new f(x) album! And please make it more cohesive than Red Light was. Red Light was filled with great songs, but ultimately it came off as the less cohesive, more abrasive version of the near perfect Pink Tape. They need to meet the hype.

fx four gif

  • lildarien

    It’s just a shame the other girls will miss out on the revenue Sulli brought in. Hopefully they can come back with a hit and solidify the new 4 member dynamic.

  • T-rollypoly

    Well you asked for it. You wanted a 4 member showdown for the big 3 right, there you go but only if 2ne1 still comes back. If not then it’s gonna be 2 teams from jyp vs f(x). I feel like the next album would be the farewell album for f(x) though cause Krystal will fuck sm when her contract is up. JYP will win in the end.

    • I do love that all the big three will have their signature last generation 4-member girl groups. 2NE1, f(x), miss A.

      miss A are the kweens tbh…

    • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

      Oh you mean like how TVXQ had a farewell album and then disbanded when more then half the group left?

      • snailsong

        lol f(x) aren’t tvxq tho

      • T-rollypoly

        Yes & like Nsync too.

  • James Smith

    Couldn’t have said it better myself

  • KingBeaArthur

    That awkward 4(x) GIF at the end though…

    So glad you said f(x) aren’t SHINee! My thought exactly. With SM’s track record as of late, Sulli’s already out the door. Every time they’ve made a statement like that (for Kris, Jessica, Luhan etc.) they end up leaving.

    Good luck to f(x). Hopefully they’ll get a fucking fan name now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hiddensone

    As long as Krysbae is there. It’s all good. (Even though Sulli is straight up hot)


    you need to watch this perfection

    • LOVE

      • T-rollypoly

        That’s your new 4 member gg to root for. They’re fab.

        CLC Unnie Version.

    • Db

      BONGOS!!!! Trend of 2015!!!

  • F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Milo

    It’d be better if it was Amber leaving. Then I could actually like f(x)

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Since when are there five members? I only know Victoria, Sulli, Krystal and that creepy fanboy who finds his way onto the set of all their videos.

    Ssul’s looking great for a pregnant woman btw

    If Sulli does leave (protip: likely) then their fans will have a whinge about it saying that the reason she left was because SM didn’t work f(x) like slave prostitutes and that they were right all along.

  • Gianne

    Couldn’t agree more. Girl can just do a Park Han Byul and coast off her above-average looks for as long as it lasts. God knows that if we forgave her for the atrocity that was “To The Beautiful You”, she can pretty much get away with anything.

    P.S. Thoughts on the WG Band comeback?

  • Db

    I care as much about Sulli leaving than she does about putting effort into her performances.

    Just bring me more delicious f(x) music! I couldn’t care less about who or what leaves the group.

  • snailsong

    i think one of the distinctive things about f(x) was that all the members looked very different, which is super unusual among girl groups (who are either chosen for their similar build/face or styled to create a similar effect) so i do kind of think that sulli’s loss will be detrimental to the group’s overall look/feel, if not its sound

    but tbh idgaf about f(x) so as long as sulli’s happy i’m happy :)

  • Smh at all the mess Sulli has been causing. First the short promotion cycle of Red Light, then the cancelation of the repackage album, and more importantly, she is indirectly responsible of the tragedy that was “Shake that Brass”. She needs to leave already so that f(x) can be outside of the SM dungeon.

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      hunty, Ambrosia`s Shake That Pacifier is a tragedy all by itself. no outside or otherworldy force involved: it was just a big freaking mess

      • I just feel like Amber’s solo was a consequence of f(x) being dead. Betting 3 9muses comebacks and one f(x) repackage album that it ends up being the worst song of the year.

        • a_chan

          Amber’s solo happened because f(x) activities ceased and the Jungsis sub-unit debacle. They probably would’ve solo debuted Krysyal if she weren’t going to leave the second her contract is up.

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    Sulli leaving isn`t gonna impact the group much. Heck, f(x) would probably be disbanded next year when Krystal`s contract with SM expires and she will most definitely pull off a Sera – leaving the company `coz her contract has lasped, leaving the group with a big gaping hole like Farrah`s V

    • William Love

      i’ve got money on krystal ditching SM and becoming a print model for blanc & eclare/cozying up to some massive chinese talent agency

  • Leonardo Henrique

    I’m sad af. She’s SOO beautiful, and kinda outshined the others beauty wise. I loved her flazeda performances, she gave me some T-ara i dont-want-to-perform realness.
    But i do think she should live of her GORGEOUS GODDESS LIKE beauty. And her acting is cute, i love To The Beautiful You, her playing Amber gave me goosebumps~~

  • qribom

    Shoulda been Amber

  • PokéTrainer Clinton

    I just want to say that I am in LOVE with this website!!! I’ve probably read more than 20 articles so far (and I’m still going! lmao). One of the aspects I like most about this website is that everyone understands SARCASM at its finest. A lot of the articles and comments have made me laugh so hard (almost to the point of me crying. lol). I’m hella glad I decided to google ” gfriend comeback 2015″ or I never would have known about this amazing website.

    On the topic of Sulli: I honestly am so so about her leaving. Yeah, she has had a huge impact on the group’s success. BUT I and many others could have done without her shit she has caused a long time ago. I’ll miss her addicting aegyo vocals like in “Sweet Witches” and her grown women vocals in the Red Light album. Pity, they all seemed to have a genuine group bond (NOT that OT5 bullshit some people fall for).

    • Wow, thanks so much for your comment. I haven’t updated the site in about a week and a half which is forever for me, I’ve been in such an unmotivated funk, but your comment just snapped me into a good mood and made me feel like updating again. Thanks!!

      • PokéTrainer Clinton

        No problem! Glad my comment gave you that motivation!!

      • vjx89

        Please, Jacques, never leave us! You’re one of the reasons i fell in love with K-POP.

  • tbqh

    Call me weird but Sulli actually had my 2nd favourite voice in f(x) (after the goddess of everything and the moon Sunyoung). Sulli’s no vocalist but her voice is young and quirky in a way that doesn’t even make me throw up in my mouth.

    On the other hand, I’ve always loved her as an actress and really think it’s smth. she might be more suited for than the kidol music industry.
    And she has a right to seek happiness, fans need to ctfd and consider these idols as human beings.