SISTAR Serves Retro Gay Pride Realness With New Single 'Shake It'
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SISTAR is the biggest post-T-ara girl group in K-pop. For the most part they’ve done their best to keep their sound fresh without straying too far from their signature traits, but somehow they’ve earned a reputation among certain K-pop fans for being serial song recyclers like AOA.

The foursome’s new single, “Shake It,” is already being called a “Touch My Body” retread by some, despite both songs sharing different producers and sounds. “Touch My Body” took HyunA’s “Bubble Pop!” (and its source material, Britney’s “How I Roll”) and modernized the sound for 2014. “Shake It” is pure retro cheese wrapped in a rainbow flag, like Atomic Kitten covering Kool & The Gang’s “Ladies Night.”

If you listen with your eyes instead of your ears then you might find “Shake It” to be unoriginal because the lurid, booty centric concept is so similar to “Touch My Body,” but that’s the visuals, not the music. And the fact that SISTAR’s actually found their own distinctive tawdry, tacky, cartoony concept should be applauded–it’s certainly more creative than just dressing up in sexy cosplay outfits for the male gaze.

At its best, “Shake It” is like the greatest gay pride parade from 1980 you wish you could’ve gone to. At its worse its wedged between “My Sharona” and “YMCA” at a corny wedding reception, but even those songs only require a few drinks before you’re up and dancing like a damn fool.

I’m not sure where “Shake It” falls on my list of favourite SISTAR songs, but the group’s reached a place now where their music is always so consistently good that you can’t even rank it beyond two or three standout hits. That’s basically how I feel about Girls’ Generation, so for me this comeback has really cemented SISTAR’s spot in the top tier and highlighted just how much a group like AOA lacks in comparison. And I actually like AOA, but there’s a huge difference between being a superstar and being a trend, and SISTAR are most definitely superstars.

  • ResidentTHOT

    Lol this shit was generic and a big, bland, bore. Waiting for 9 Musestrogen to slay your faves with their spicy summer album <3

  • T-rollypoly

    Okay I agree with you on this one. They definitely sound and look like a few million bucks. I really like this song too. Another solid Sistar song.

    • As soon as the song starts it’s so hard not to want to get up and dance like it’s Saturday Night Fever lmao. Alone is technically their best song probably, and Give It To Me is my personal favourite, but overall I prefer them doing energetic fun positive songs like this, I Swear etc.

      • T-rollypoly

        Yeah me too because to me this is Sistar. This is where they really excel and dominate. The darker sexy concepts are great too but if they do it now, it might feel more of an even playing field for them whereas in summer concepts they are still the undisputed queens. I know you love GG so much but pardon me for saying this, summer is gonna be Sistar’s for a while.

        • However we all know who the true QUEEN of SUMMER is….

          • T-rollypoly

            Oh yes! how can I forget. I also want to post it here, a lot of int’l kpop fans think that Nice Body flopped hard just because of how the west view fat shaming but in reality it peaked at #13 in Gaon singles, #9 in DL & #18 in Billboard Kpop hot 100. Also had 206,000 downloads which is not bad for 1st attempt, antis just pisses me off.

  • byoing~byoing.

    Um, why are you reviewing this mess of a song when there’s a new Crayon Pop song out?

  • Yes to all the musical descriptions. The big brass 80’s disco feel had me having flashbacks to all the sweet sixteens and bar mitzvahs. And the iljin queen concept is everything. My dream would be if the pull a guidette/mobwives concept, and dress like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny.

  • Db

    I like the song, I really do, but just with everything Sistar, it’s very of the moment and has no lasting power.

    It’s also clearly not trying anything new and just relying on their fame and star power. If you don’t hear the similarities to Touch My Body, you need to get your ears checked.

    • They look identical but I don’t think the songs are similar overall even if there’s some small similarities. TMB is such a modern song and SI is so retro. And the structure of TMB is more traditional, whereas SI barely even sounds like it has a proper chorus with all the chanting and instrumental parts.

      • Db

        I guess my ears must be out of whack if I’m the only one that hears similar melodies, especially during Soyou’s parts.

    • T-rollypoly

      I think it’s just the popping colors…

  • KingBeaArthur

    In the middle with this song. I like it [the vocals are on point, the production is energetic & packed with live instruments] but something isn’t connecting for me. I don’t really see it as TMB 2.0; it’s more “Loving You”‘s older brother who just got out of prison.

    The mv, on the other hand, is amazing!! “The Craft” homage and Soyou made it the mv of the summer so far, imo.

  • HavokWWE

    Lol you dare call SiSTAR superstars with Flopsom just having 1 line the entire song and not even being interesting enough to do something different with her hair than cut it into a bob again

  • Julian Jung

    Sorry, but I hate the crap out of this song, I’m so serious. Visually the MV looks incredible. Sistar is clearly successful enough to have big budget comebacks. However, I’m totally underwhelmed with the song choice. It never really built up into anything and kind of just plateaued throughout, even with so much going on. Also, I could not figure out which part was the friggin chorus! Was the whole song the chorus, like what even? The production is outstanding though, but the track just does absolutely nothing for me, and it’s without a doubt an updated and recycled piece of stinky turd. Let’s also talk about how the hair styling could have been better; I don’t think Bora has a shade of blonde that works (she’ll probably never find one to be honest, just like she can’t find the talent to rap), and Dasom’s hair could have been more fun and playful like the other members (she’s always getting screwed over tbh). BTW where even is she in the MV? She had like one line if that. Moving on, the dance is great, but only because it isn’t original and a lot of the moves have already been seen either in the US or in kpop. There was just WAY TOO MUCH going on overall with the song and the dances. On a final note, there’s no doubt this will be a hit, seeing as Sistar is popular enough not to ever flop. I just would like to see the girls with a concept similar to “Alone” (which will probably be the greatest thing they’ll ever do), not this same summer sound over and over again.

    • “On a final note, there’s no doubt this will be a hit, seeing as Sistar is popular enough not to ever flop.”

      and that’s where it irks me. i’m becoming a hater basically because it seems like nobody ever does that! everybody loves sistar, just like 2ne1, where are the dissonant voices? lol

      • There aren’t many coz SISTAR’s so good! Sexy, super talented, have their own sound and style, fun feel good songs. What’s not to love?

        2NE1 on the other hand…

  • Dhruv Angrup

    the curent era of popular girl groups(sistar-apink-aoa-girl’s day) need to go down so that other girls groups with miles better and more refreshing songs rise up

  • Kris

    I don’t see it/hear it for them. This is Touch My Body part 2 but just slightly better. I long for the Alone/Give It To Me (the last song I legit enjoyed)/Loving U type Sistar tunes. Also, when are we gonna get a Sistar19 comeback?

    • i hated give it to me, but liked “loving u” although i reckon it was where sistar started to sound less appealing for me.

  • oneclearnight

    Starship actually paid someone to choreograph this?? I’d ask for my money back. It’s so lazy. Even AOA’s choreography is better than this.

    Took awhile for the song to grow on me, but now I like it. I can’t at DS blatantly plagiarising TMB though. For me, Bestie out Sistar’d Sistar with their comeback. Excuse Me is everything.

    Hopefully the glorious 9M, Girl’s Day, A Pink and SNSD will deliver. Let the girl group reign continue!!!

  • ByronZ

    I like Sistar but their signature summer sound is starting to get me bored, I don’t need another “Touch My Body” / “Loving U” / “I Swear” in my life, I’m glad they found their winning formula though.
    *go back and listen to “Alone” & “No Mercy”*

    Alone was their best EP <3

  • Lin Yang

    I agree SISTAR are one of the top tier girl groups, but I think they’re a tier below SNSD and 2ne1. If they are going to be on the same tier, then they need a smash hit, like Gee, I Am The Best or Nobody by Wonder Girls was. They haven’t had a single that’s on that level yet. However, once they have that single then they’ll definitely be on the same tier.

  • uhg in my opinion they’ve become one of the most boring groups out there after they ditched brave brothers. i miss gloomy sexy sistar in the lieu of “alone” – all said i prefer this over “touch my body” or aoa’s latest single (so u see i don’t always prefer brave brothers), the 1980’s sound is fun, but it doesn’t hook me at all.

    and speaking of “listening with the eyes”, i gotta say that this is the sistar aspect that mostly drives me away. their choreographies have become stupid collection of trendy twerk moves. so in the end, on the very contrary of what happens with you, instead of reaching to the place where snsd and t-ara stands for me – the one where i virtually like everything they release -, sistar is very close to where 2ne1 is: the one where i hate mostly everything.

  • James Smith

    Yasss for the visuals

  • Nicole Naeun

    I actually love this one! TMB was alright for me, but Shake It sounds more fresh cuz it’s something they haven’t done before musically.
    The concept tho… Sistar recycling this concept is already on BB recyling Alone level. Somebody, fire their creative director!

  • Mrs. Choi

    this review confused the heck out of me….. its like you insulted them and the song for the majority and then closed with saying theyre supserstars lol