RKINDIE, see what I did there? Here’s a few K-indie songs I’ve been listening to lately, so I decided just to lump them all in the one post instead of writing individual posts that nobody’s going to read anyway.

Sumsher‘s been around for a couple of years collaborating with indie vocalists on bright, electronic urban-pop tracks, but earlier this year he started getting darker with his sound and deeper into hip-hop.

He did PBR&B with rapper PDAY on “BPM69” in February, and now they’re back together for “Take.”

I wish I could understand the lyrics, but the melancholy, melodic production says enough.

I’ve had a bitch of a time trying to find out just who the hell Beaver is. The only page I can find on him (them?) is a Facebook profile, and it’s all in Korea and not very clear.

Anyway, Beaver is either an R&B soloist who sings and raps, a duo, or a hip-hop trio…

Beaver’s released a bunch of little-known singles so far, but the latest, “Curiosity (You Liar),” is the best.

The pop production is so low budget but still effective, and you can feel Beaver’s frustration when starts uttering “You liar, you liar” and “You don’t fucking love me.”

From the music, singing, and rapping, you can hear that Beaver’s got a lot of potential.  I’d love to hear what he (they?) could do with more money and resources behind them (him?).

45RPM is a hip-hop group that used to be signed to YG Entertainment’s “underground label,” whatever that is.

Thank god they’re no longer with YG, because if they were they never could’ve made a song like “Love Sign”–a brazenly retro record steeped in new jack swing and ’80s synth-pop.

Take a listen below.

Park Sae Byul is an indie singer-songwriter that’s been floating around for years, and Like Likes is young electronica duo who produce killer EDM instrumentals and sometimes remix K-pop.

Now they’ve teamed up for a pretty UK garage track, “Sky High.” Usually these kinds of songs feature soulful British singers who relish the chance to show off the strength or nuance of their voice over house beats, so having one of K-indie’s softer, airy vocalists instead is a nice change.

Check it out below, along with an MV teaser.