Pippi Band (now known as pppb for short) is an alternative rock trio who broke up in the ’90s but recently reformed to release a 20th anniversary EP. K-indie fans may already know frontwoman Yunjoung and her husband Hyunjoon as the electronic duo/human art project, EE, who recently played SXSW and were the first Korean act to perform at Coachella.

Pppb’s new single is a lush, sprawling collaboration with Korean R&B’s man-of-the-moment Zion.T called “Over and Over,” but it’s the b-side “I Feel Rove” that’s really captured me.

It’s crackwhore disco and vintage funk with alien synthesizers, which is literally three of my favourite things. Junyoung usually sings like she just sucked a lemon and inhaled a balloon full of helium, but it doesn’t sound that odd in her other songs because everything is strange in those songs. Over the more traditional groove of “I Feel Rove,” Junyoung’s voice couldn’t sound weirder–it’s like Donna Summer doing disco from another dimension. It’s disco on pppb’s terms, right down to the title, an obvious play on the intergalactic “I Feel Love.”

Check it out, along with the two official singles from the EP: the aforementioned “Over and Over” and the punky Weezer pop of “ㅈㄱㅈㄱ.” (The latter is web/text slang that I can’t translate.)