NS Yoon-G Pulls a BESTie With SISTAR Knock-Off 'Honey Summer'
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NS Yoon-G is no stranger to paying homage to other artists (i.e. robbing at gunpoint). She delivered a bubblegum “Bulletproof” with her early single “Don’t Go Back,” and then transformed herself into JLo’s skeleton for “Wifey” earlier this year.

For her latest single, “Honey Summer,” Yoon-G’s inspiration is a little closer to home: SISTAR.

“Honey Summer” is an underwhelming “Loving U” remix, a song that countless K-pop stars have recycled before, including SISTAR themselves.

At least Yoon-G understands that saxophones sound good in any pop song, but sax isn’t enough to elevate “Honey Summer” beyond anything more than a bit of forgettable fun.

Perhaps she’s banking on her good looks to sell the song, which are on full display in the bikini-clad music video. Yoon-G knows her body is a talking point in Korea (at least as much of a talking point as a b-list diva like NSG can be), so she’s slimmed herself down into Taylor Swift’s skinny Asian sister, crossed her fingers, and hoped for the best.

Can somebody just stick Yoon-G in Nine Muses already and call it a day? Jesus Christ.

  • T-rollypoly

    NS Yoon-G in 9Muses would be the death of me. I’ll glady accept my fate though. I’ll die smiling.


    I can’t come to her defense on this one. This is beyond basic and utterly pointless. I’m pissed.

    “Then transformed herself into J.Lo’s skeleton” LMAO! I can’t find the lie tho.

  • Laurence Nope

    Spot on review. Song is pretty worthless but she looks great. Fuck the skinny-shamers.

    So Jacques, do you mind if I occasionally post completely off-topic J-pop in the comments of your blog? Because this group Yumemiru Adolescence has delivered THE double a-side summer single / KFC tie-in of the year:

    • Sure!A few things I wanted to post here but I haven’t been online much the past week or so

    • Db

      I quite liked the first one. I don’t follow jpop as much as I do kpop, but this reminds me that I should try and get back into it.


  • HavokWWE

    I would rather her in 9MUSES over Sojin. I do like Sojin, but she’s so short and odd looking that she sticks out in the worst ways.

    • Db

      Really?! At least she looks the part, unlike Cumdrop.

      • HavokWWE

        Why does everyone give her so much crap lol.

        She’s not ugly. Her name Keumjo just sounds weird. And she’s a pretty good singer. She sounds like a younger Kyungri.
        Sojin looks very weird like she’s missing a chromosone. Also Minha is already the useless vocal, why the group needed 2 of them?

  • Db

    I’m sad to say this, but this song was shit. She could do so much better.

    Forget this and go listen to super nugu groups Bambino, Awesome Baby and Playback instead.

  • culchan

    She went to UCLA, so I don’t care if the song is crap. NS Yoon-G fighting!

  • boring.