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Nine Muses have just released all the details for their comeback album, and I am living, dying, and reincarnating.

The Iconic Eight will release Special Summer Album <9Muses S/S Edition> on July 2, and by the look of the first group promo photo, they’re doing a sexy surfer girl concept.

dying gif

If that wasn’t enough to snatch your wig, their lead single, “Hurt Locker” (which hopefully has nothing to do with the god damn movie), was written and arranged by, who just did KARA’s “Cupid.” It was also composed by a bunch of Swedes who between them have worked with SHINee, TVXQ, f(x), BoA, and Girls’ Generation.

A press release actually says that the team behind “Hurt Locker” did SNSD’s “Genie,” but that’s a bit of a stretch–one writer from “Hurt Locker” was one of many writers on “Genie.” Some SNSD songs that they actually produced are “Catch Me If You Can” (ugh) and “LOVE&GIRLS” (yay!).

Anyway, my only real gripe with this era so far is that Star Empire didn’t add a ninth muse yet, but I’ll get over it since Kukumber doesn’t look completely atrocious in the teaser photo.

Get the 9muses tea below.

01. MUSE

Composed by / Arranged by

02. 다쳐(Hurt Locker)

  Composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow

  / Lyrics written by, Urban Cllasik / Arranged by

 03. 너란애
Composed by / Lyrics written by, 이유애린 of 9MUSES / Arranged by

04. 팬시(Fancy)

  Composed by 정창욱 / Lyrics written by 정창욱 / Arranged by 정창욱

 05. Yes or No

  Composed by BOYTOY, 를(Lel) / Lyrics written by BOYTOY, 를(Lel), 이유애린 of 9MUSES

  / Arranged by BOYTOY, 를(Lel)

 06. 다쳐(Hurt Locker) Inst.

  Composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow

  / Lyrics written by, Urban Cllasik / Arranged by

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  • KingBeaArthur

    I can’t with them naming it “Hurt Locker”! I’m already ended by this era.

    And after a frantic search for Joop (literally like 15 seconds of “where she at?”) I found her, and surprise surprise, she looks good!

    • MIKEE

      Yaaaasssss! You better pray for forgiveness before the 8 Deities come to end civilization with the iconic Hurt Locker! REPENT CHILD!

      • KingBeaArthur

        I converted to Sojinlim in prison, so…

        • MIKEE

          You’re going to hell.


    Idk why you hate on Kumdrip so hard when it’s useless, fugly, try-hard Sojin that deserves all the shade in the world. She looks so stupid in the group teaser, I can’t.

    But anyway I’m so fucking slayed already! Hurt Locker? I mean if that isn’t the most iconic song title in history. Did Erin write her own raps?? YAS! This is going to be epic, I’m already getting Figaro part 2 vibes from the universe. My soul is ready to be cleansed.

    • KingBeaArthur

      Cleansed with sewer water for slighting kween Sojin!!

      • MIKEE

        Cleansed with T.O.P’s bathwater cuz I’m a pure-dol.

        • KingBeaArthur

          Baby bird, you’re delusional. Didn’t anyone warn you not to take cigarettes from GD??

          • MIKEE


    • Sojin is stunning! She’s the new doll-dol here to rival Hara!

      • MIKEE

        Ew! How dare you insult Goddess Hara like that! She’s the new plastic surgery-dol, easily making flaw free Gangnam unnie Erin look like a natural-dol by comparison.

    • MolkangMolkang

      I personally liked Sojin better during the Nasty Nasty era. I dislike short hair on her and especially the blonde.

      • MIKEE

        Same here, probably because she felt like more of a prop during Nasty Nasty. She just adds nothing to the group for me. Sojin reminds me of a blow up doll, which irks me to no end.

      • I totally disagree, I thought she was fugly during Nasty Nasty but then when she came out for Drama she slayed me with that bob, and now I’m living for her bob cut.

        She’s the new doll-dol and you and @disqus_hInPN5QBpd:disqus will deal

        • MolkangMolkang

          I will try to deal but this will be a hard thing for me. As long as we have Minha and Sungah, all should be well.

  • MolkangMolkang

    I’m really anticipating this so I’m excited but nervous. 9Muses have been on a perfection streak since News honestly although I did secretly like Figaro. I hope they don’t get lazy.

  • Db

    I really hope they deliver a high class summer concept and don’t take it into Sistar territory with basic looks.

    They also shared a brief snippet of the song on the Musecast. It’s sounding very EDM, eurodance which is a good thing.

    • roelm

      I just hope it isn’t some generic EDM stuff. Preferably it should have that funky Nine Muses sound or at least sound like a Nine Muses song.

  • HavokWWE

    I think Star Empire won’t add a 9th girl until their recent trainees hit like 20 years old. Most of the Muses are over 21 and with new additions Sojin and Keumjo who both look very young, it wouldn’t make sense to add a new girl who’s very young to a group that has such adult like concepts

  • HavokWWE

    I am praying however that the 9th girl is a rapper so that Sung A can just go back to singing

    • something something something something MAH TRY ANGLE

      • ChuLipso

        something something BARBIE IM A JUNGLE

    • “Sungah’s syndrome” is being in a girl group, being a decent singer but having to fill the rapper quota because the useless flops of the group (Sojin, Minha) that should fill that space, don’t have the attitude to pull it off.

      Other victims of this syndrome: Dahye

      Please, let’s stop this injustice. SAY NO TO UNNECESSARY RAPPING.

  • yosafbridge
  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    i have to commend SE tho, they seem really committed to diversifying the Muses` discography, this time getting pricey Swedish producers to craft their next hit. *slow claps*

    as for the sexy surfer girl concept. it slays ` lacrosse players, evil wives riding a pink leopard fire truck and everyone else whos attempting a summer cumback.

    also yey to Keumdrop looking hot on the teasers

  • capselectricboy

    I’m in love with Sojin but wtf are they doing with her. She looked amazing in Knock but they only gave her lik 3 lines. Now they cut her hair and gave her 1 line and now she looks like a 90’s suburban mom.
    I honestly want Sojin to show out and be the HBIC but they are literally making her the new Minha with the one line and 2 seconds of video time. She def could be the rapper or something and put Sungah back to singing because I love Sungah’s singing more than I love her rapping.


    • William Love

      if sojin was driving her van through the burbs looking like she does in those teaser pictures… you bet your ass i’d join that youth soccer league

  • ADW

    I want this comeback too work and push Nine Muses ahead of Girls Day but there just isn’t enough fans in the world that will do that.

    SE hasn’t managed the girls well. Too many member changes and losing Sera too. :(!
    I feel they haven’t really had a ‘Concept’ other than Ticket that was identifiable, they need a break out hit and I am worried about Hurt Locker. I loved Wild but it wasn’t Wild enough to compete. The girls just need more of a strong image and then they will Slay not just visually but on the charts too.

  • ByronZ

    Hyuna &
    <3 <3 <3

  • Sunny

    Hyuna and Erin are the sexiest females alive. Point blank. My body (and ears) are ready!

  • Kris

    I hope this is better than Drama. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t the life-ending, wig snatching bop that the Muses have been serving since Figaro…

  • Julian Jung

    OMG Hyuna is serving Wonder Woman realness in her solo photo, slay queen. The photos of Hyuna, Euaerin, and Minha are exactly what I’ve been wanting Star Empire to deliver, I mean it seriously looks like it came out of a fashion magazine with a summer concept. The blond hair on Sojin looks great, but for her to step up to the level of the other Muses, she needs that long hair back, circa the Knock era. Keumjo’s hair is also holding back her transformation into a Muse imo. Get rid of the bangs and the potential is there. Of all the summer teasers, these are the most exciting! With all the competition on it’s way, I really hope our girls can stand out and continue gaining relevancy with each release.

  • oneclearnight


    so excited for this!!!

  • Mattey