I’m not really a fan of variety shows in general, Korean or otherwise, but you can bet that I’ll be making time in my TV schedule to watch MBC’s Secret Weapon Her.

The new series takes ten of our favourite flop girl group divas and makes them do stupid challenges or something to try and get popular. I think? I don’t know the specifics, I just know that the cast is already LEGENDARY and surpasses Running Man, Laws of the Jungle, We Got Married, Crime Scene, and Infinite Challenge combined.

So far the confirmed stars are G-Friend‘s Yerin, Hello Venus‘ Alice, and BESTie‘s Dahye, but a blurry promotional photo of the full cast reveals more identities if you’re familiar with the bottom rung of the girl group scene.

I’ve spotted STELLAR‘s viral goddess Minhee (yasss!) and FIESTAR‘s lone star Jei. I’ve seen members from 2EYES, TAHITI and Blady thrown around on Twitter too, but I can’t be sure.

I’m sure some of you guys can guess the rest. I’d kill for D-Unit or Brave Girls, but I’m pretty sure they’re both disbanded now. R.I.P.

Anyway, the greatest show in the history of Korean television premieres on the 19th.

#TeamMinhee #AddPocketGirls

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