I was kind of on the fence with MAMAMOO until they converted me with the bluesy “AAH OOP!”. Of course because I loved it so much it became their biggest chart flop ever, but thankfully the same can’t be said for their latest single, “Um Oh Ah Yeah.”

The song, which was composed by Kim Do Hoon (who’s worked with SISTAR, Ailee, and T-ara), is already top ten on Melon’s digital chart and No. 3 over on Instiz’s iChart. It’s the best MAMAMOO’s ever done before, so “Um Oh Ah Yeah” will more than likely end up outselling their biggest single, “Mr Ambiguous.”

I’ve seen a few people online complaining about MAMAMOO changing their sound for this comeback, but I love “Um Oh Ah Yeah.” It feels both fresh and retro, and the bouncy synthpop production is perfect for the fun summer season. The bridge alone where the beat temporarily disappears is better than most of MAMAMOO’s biggest singles. Their previous songs lacked big pop hooks and the girls came off like b-grade Ailee’s, but not any more.

There’s even an amazing plot twist in the lyrics. What feels like a generic girl group “oppa oppa you’re so cute you make my heart flutter!” song gets turned on its head when then love interest is eventually revealed to be a masculine looking woman.

MAMAMOO = talented and funny.

Check it out. Also worth listening to is the Pink Funky mini-album. There’s a bad OST ballad in the middle, but the rest is solid — especially the gorgeous “Self Camera.”

And take note of the fanchants during the “Um Oh Ah Yeah” comeback stage. MAMAMOO’s finally made it.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I was also on the fence about the song (I really liked it but I was one of the people that felt it was a departure from their other stuff), but the mv and the twist in the lyrics have converted me all the way!

    I hope “Um Oh Ah Yeah” smashes!

  • jizabel

    Finally something from them I actually like! That shared belt between Wheein and and Solar is heavenly.

  • Marhaebwa

    They’ve fallen since but my baes slayed and reached a No. 6 peak yesterday! They won’t win this time but the next comeback…surely. What a slay. What a MamaSlay.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Loving this!!! Still jamming to the incredible AAH OPP tbh, one of the best releases from girlgroups this year

  • Db

    Yes! Seems you’re one of the few people covering kpop that likes the song.

    I for one love it. It’s a 90s throwback to the days of Show Me Love/Do You Know What It Takes Robyn.

    • the whole song sounds like spica’s 2012 mini-album “lonely”. give it a try right now and notice how you’ll find a lot of it in this song.

  • Milo

    I absolutely adore Mamamoo, but I’m one of the fans that felt disappointed with the song. I think this is a great song, but to me, not on par with their previous releases. Definitely because of the change in style.

    Tbh, I’m preferring this song over it:


  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    Thank god they’ve gone full sellouts. They’ve finally understood what it takes to make it in kpop. I live for their fake fans crying about how they’ve lost their integrity and uniqueness!

  • roelm

    I understand somewhat what they are trying to do but they don’t sound stylistically distinctive with this song. Not bad but not a stand-out for me.

  • uhg they’re amazing! and i’d do all of their male versions too!

    i like the song, it’s very fun but it’s a pity that this sound was masterfully done by SPICA three years ago and nobody cares [the whole “lonely” single-album]