I’ve often thought that I’d like to try that weird new ‘exercise’ thing that everybody’s talking about, but then I remember how boring and hard it looks so I give up.

Now there’s a way that people like me can work out and still have fun–KARA‘s official fitness DVD!

The Jane Fonda’s of Asia will release KARA the FIT this Summer, a workout DVD containing special choreographed aerobic dances to four of their singles: “Mister,” “Jumping,” “Summergic,” and “Sunny Days.”

I know, I’m pissed too that they didn’t include “Mamma Mia,” “Pandora,” “Jet Coaster Love,” or a number of their other timeless classics, but beggars can’t be choosers. I mean, Youngji lost 10kg just to get in shape for this shit, so it must be good.

There’s nothing I want more than to make this workout my new exercise regimen so I can have Gyuri’s goddess beauty and Hara’s ant waist, but I’m kind of scared to do it. The four DVD boxset (with goods!) probably costs more than my yearly wage, and I fear that emulating these sloppy moves that KARA learned in thirty minutes during breaks between schedules will leave me with torn tendons and chronic back pain.

Oh well, it’s worth the risk. Just look at how pretty they are on the box covers!

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