Female idols duetting with rappers and indie singers is nothing new, but it became a serious trend last year after SISTAR’s Soyou conquered the charts with a number of inescapable collaborations. Some of these duets are totally amazing, some are completely overrated, and some just go by unnoticed.

Thankfully, SECRET‘s Jieun‘s collab with labelmate Sleepy of hip-hop duo Untouchable is one of the good ones–and I’m talking Soyou level good!

jieun cool night

Titled “Cool Night,” it essentially follows the same formula of all these boy/girl duets do, but dumps a tonne of twinkly synth-pop on top. It’s enough to make it the kind of sweet jaunt that will appeal to straight idol pop fans who usually find these tracks boring.

If only B.A.P had resolved their contract issues with TS Entertainment, then maybe we could’ve had Bang Yongguk in Sleepy’s place. No shade to Sleepy, but Yongguk and Jieun would’ve been so fucking cute.