I’ve always loved Humming Urban Stereo‘s poppy, female fronted tracks, so I couldn’t be happier that he’s gone and produced an entire 6-track EP for one of his lady collaborators, Risso.

If you’re like me and were disappointed when BEPOB officially debuted as a rock trio instead of continuing their career as guest vocalists for little known HUS tracks, then Risso’s Tra La La EP is for you.

Risso’s chirpy, childlike vocals with Humming Urban Stereo’s shiny nu-disco production blankets just how ballsy some of the tracks on Tra La La truly are. On lead single “OMG,” Risso expresses her shock and anger at being cheated on over zippy synths and the occasional fragment of a funky guitar riff, while on “Finger Magic” she and Mr. HUS himself (Lee Jeereen) go back and forth about “moist lady gardens” like they’re Prince and Vanity.

Towards the end, Tra La La finds time for an introspective moment in the downbeat electronica of “Blue Knight,” which sounds permanently torn between sad optimism and listless defeat. It’s probably my favourite track, although it’s hard to choose just one when there isn’t a flop to be found.

Even the “OMG” music video is great–I’d even say it’s one of the best I’ve seen this year. It follows two best friends, one who recently broke up with her boyfriend and the other who recently acquired one, and simply shows how their respective situations impact their daily life together. Everything’s draped in a cool, kitschy cover like a Nylon Korea pictorial, but the interactions between the two girls are treated with a soft sentimentality–there’s none of the absurd melodrama we’ve seen in other MVs lately. It’s probably the loveliest, most realistic thing you’ll see in K-pop this year.

Tra La La is available on iTunes now.