HALO is a nugu boy band I got into when a friend passed on their groovy smoothie single “Come On Now” last year. They dropped a so-so follow up in January called “Surprise,” but now they’re back in fighting form with the release of a new mini-album, Grow Up.

The super catchy title track, “While You’re Sleeping,” sounds exactly like a Brave Brothers song, but it was actually composed by Jo Young Soo and Lee Yoo Jin, who as far as I could find have only done some old b-sides for artists like Hello Venus and NU’EST. That is, if Jo Young Soo isn’t actually Cho Young-soo, who’s produced major hits for superstars like T-ara, Orange Caramel, Davichi, and more. I’m assuming it’s not the same person, but I can’t be 100% sure.

Anyway, did I mention that “While You’re Sleeping” is about cheating? HALO sing about stepping out on their sexy girlfriend at night to meet a less attractive but more intriguing other woman.

“While you’re sleeping, without anyone knowing,” they sing on the chorus, “I go to see her, who I’ve hidden away every night.”

“While you’re sleeping, on this flashy night / I get all dressed up with clothes you bought me / To see her, who I’ve hidden away.”

“Before the night is over / I have naughty thoughts of having her.”

So, this is basically the “No More Perfume” of 2015.

Besides the single, there’s some solid b-sides. Track 2, “Nothing On You,” is a dreamy ballad with spacey synth flourishes, while “Dazzling” is… another dreamy ballad. But as far as boy band filler ballads go, it’s above average for sure.

The mini caps off with a remix of the title track, which is really just a slightly crunker version of the original.

Take a listen to HALO below.