I introduced The Hoopers last December as the acrobatic cross-dressing faux-lesbian girl group, but I never got around to posting their debut single, “Itoshi Koishi Kimi Koishi.”

It was actually pretty good, proving that The Hoopers had more to offer than just an outrageous (and fabulous tbh) gimmick.

Their second single, “Ame wo Oikakete,” is even better.

It’s slick, Japanese idol pop with a slight J-rock edge–energetic, but also a little dark. It reminds me of t.A.T.u. in that sense, whose dramatic pop-rock was so good because it was always bursting with so much angst.

Speaking of t.A.T.u., the “Ame wo Oikakete” music video features fake lesbians kissing in the rain and clutching onto mesh fences.

There’s somersaults and backflips too, which, paired with The Hoopers masculine aesthetic, may briefly lead you to believe that you’re watching an old 2PM video.

Check it out below.