It’s not often that we see collaborations between idols and indie artists, and when we do it’s almost always some terribly safe, acoustic pop/rap duet. Thankfully, KARA‘s Gyuri has avoided those genre clichés with her new single, a special (and totally random) collaboration with electronic duo From The Airport called “The Little Prince.”

As far as K-indie goes, From The Airport is more on the mainstream side. They’re signed to the same agency as big names like Clazziquai and Urban Zakapa, they’ve made it onto Indie Shuffle and played SXSW, and many of their songs sound like could be legitimate top forty hits in the Europe–which is exactly why they’re perfect for a glossy girl group goddess like Gyuri.

From The Airport exorcise almost all the rock shards that usually occupy a portion of their sound to give Gyuri a soaring synthpop backdrop that’s only a couple of tweaks away from becoming full-fledged glittery EDM. There’s a few funky guitar riffs throughout, which might give some of you Sweetune flashbacks (how could they not when paired with those synths and Gyuri vocals).

The guitars are more present in the b-side, “Return,” which does away with the niceties of “The Little Prince” for cheerleader chants and electro-rock.

I wouldn’t call either track an absolute masterpiece or anything, but they’re pretty strong and Gyuri could have a future in the genre. Her voice is made for it; it’s airy and feminine enough to do neutered coffee shop k-indie, but strong enough to do other stuff too. Plus, her vocal colour is quite distinctive.

Gyuri may have just found a post-KARA career for herself.