I’ve never been a fan of EXO, but I did unashamedly love their music during the “MAMA” and “Wolf” eras when they were at their weird, creative peak.

Everything since then has been fine (“Call My Baby” ended up hooking me), but it rarely sticks and I always feel like I’m the wrong target market for this group. EXO’s music is good, but it’s only great if you’re young enough to have an unhealthy crush on one of the members.

Their new album, an EXODUS repackage called Love Me Right, has about four or so new tracks, two of which I care about–“Love Me Right” and “Tender Love.”

Both songs mirror current American pop trends –the resurgence of Nile Rogers, classic disco and funk– and seamlessly weaves them all together with an extra dollop of the vintage Max Martin bubblegum they served on “Call Me Maybe.”

“Love Me Right” has all the hooks, bells, and whistles required of a big SM single, but it’s the more sophisticated “Tender Love” that delivers the real magic for me.

Those Chic guitar riffs and disco keys are just divine, but it’s the little twists that really make it stand out; the electronic beeps after the hook, or the bizarre rap breakdown with crashing hi-hats and distorted sound bites.

It also doesn’t hurt that “Tender Love” sounds exactly like something SHINee would do.

Take a listen to both tracks below.

  • KingBeaArthur

    First off: “First Love” is the best of the 4 repack tracks. How DARE you not give it a nod!! You make me sick!!! (luv u. kisses)

    Second: I wish SHINee had done “Tender Love” instead. EXO deliver fine on the vocals but SHINee have that magic touch with that sound.

    Third: “Love Me Right” is fine. But against every other song they’re promoted it’s kind of just in the middle (despite it being the type of song I usually live for). Not sure I’ll have it repeat any time soon. Oh, and the mv is a humongous waste of time.

  • shoopdoop

    can someone explain the thought process behind the pots and pans rap break in tender love??? seriously curious

    • “it sounds iconic so let’s do it”

  • unloveable

    Bland and vanilla, just like exo.

  • Disappointed that they no longer push the weird song angle for their singles. They still make that type of songs, but they end up buried in their albums. #justice4eldorado #justice4blackpearl

  • red+

    SM’s groups are starting to lose their individuality. All their groups are swapping each others concepts and recycling other groups sound. Love Me Right is not a bad song but it comes off as Shinee backwash (especially during the middle of a Shinee Comeback). I really hope the next groups’ comeback is new and fresh, which is what we love and expect from SM.
    PS. Sehun is the worst. He’s not good at anything and what he is good at someone else in the group can do it better. I know the role of the visual is very important but he’s not even good at that. SM makes a point to stick him in the back left corner at all times, instead of the center where a true visual stands for 60% of a song (Kai).
    Sehun + EXO = Bookend



  • nique

    I really liked the song but I could care less that EXO is singing it. This comeback seems rushed tbh, they aren’t in sync in a lot of parts and the line distribution sucks even more, when they should be better, they already lost three members. They don’t even give Kai lines, and Sehun always sounds extremely awkward, even I, who wants to bang him realizes that.

    The live performance in mnet hurt me, they look good but I only saw Chanyeol, Baekhyun a dash of D.O and Kai looking hot just dancing.

  • Nicole Naeun

    Y’all stay mad, that EXO reign just won’t let up!!!

    Tho I kinda agree with the other comments abt SHINee and EXO swapping identities. 50% of SHINee last album is on EXO territory and a few EXO songs right now should have gone to SHINee.

  • find_nothing_here

    I agree that this comeback was rather a bit of bland (and El Dorado/Hurt were the best songs for a title) but nothing will every convince me that Wolf’s sound is something they should go back too. While MAMA the song was good excepting the screamo break, the mini album was just a bunch of recycled SHINee/SJ tracks.

    While LMR certainly isn’t an interesting comeback–at least they look happy and hopefully SM will continue to give them good overall albums ala EXODUS.

    • nique

      El Dorado and Hurt are great songs, Hurt being my favorite out of the whole album.

  • parkbyun

    Does anyone remember that recent interview where I think it was taemin or maybe a different member said that shinee had four choices for their title track? They were view, lovesick, married to the music, and a different song that will probably be given to a different group….. 0_0

    • Mattey

      Probably 4 Walls lmfao