Blady made a surprise return from the dead in late March with yet another new lineup and a seriously excellent single, “Come To Me.”

It flopped (as expected), but instead of retreating back into nugu irrelevancy for another two years they’ve started promoting one of the b-sides from their Renovation album, “Oochie Walla Walla.”

It’s a batshit crazy track with more electro than a 2NE1 single and more beat switches than “I Got a Boy,” but it works in its own ridiculous way.

The live performances are a blatant knock-off of EXID’s “Ah Yeah” with a splash of 4minute’s “Crazy” thrown in, which is amazing. You can’t be a real struggling idol group if you’re not stealing something from relevant artists.

With all this Blady promo lately (they even got a variety show appearance) it’s a shame that one of the members didn’t get on MBC’s flop extravaganza Secret Weapon Her. I actually have a full rant about that, but I’m saving it for another post.

Anyway, check out “Oochie Walla Walla” below!