That Dahye reign just won’t let up!

BESTie‘s perfect “Excuse Me” may have tanked at No. 74 on the Gaon chart, but the group’s resident goddess Dahye is on fire.

Not only has she been booked to star on MBC’s ‘Secret Weapon Her’ (also known as the greatest variety show of all time), she’s just released her very own yoga book, Girl Group Yoga With Dahye.

The Literature Chanteuse launched her future best-seller in style on Thursday by posing in compromising yoga positions while members of the media took photos and truly lived for the first time ever.

Her BESTie bandmates were also there to show their support, but nobody was looking at them while Dahye was on the floor twisted into a sexy pretzel.

Can we please get this translated into English? I’ll add it to my 2015 workout plan alongside KARA The Fit.

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