There’s a lot of tragic rookies that come and go without anybody ever knowing of their existence. It’s easy to slip through the cracks if 1thek doesn’t upload your MV or K2N doesn’t illegally post your music.

I would’ve completely missed out on discovering Baby Boo if they hadn’t popped up while I was searching for Blady performances for my “Oochie Walla Walla” post. When I stumbled upon this buried treasure, I wasn’t quite sure how to react to the live renditions of their debut single “Boo Boo Boo”–it was somewhere between absolute horror and sheer delight.

Uh, so where do I begin? Baby Boo is a group of thirsty Gangnam unnies in their twenties whose visuals and talent are lacking so much that their only option left was to debut in a girl group with a sexy adult baby concept. The oldest member is 26!

On top of the pedo bait concept, the Nokia 6110 production on “Boo Boo Boo” is so cheap that it sounds like a z-list idol single from 2011. I’m talking Swing Girls, INY budgets. They couldn’t even afford to complete a full MV, so they’ve just released a few hazy clips on YouTube that make the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race look like a Michael Bay blockbuster by comparison.

“Boo Boo Boo” was actually released months ago, but it’s only now that Baby Boo could finally get on music programs. The waiting list is long for nugus.

Naturally, Baby Boo is now my new favourite girl group and officially the nation’s new little sisters. Fuck A Pink. Screw Lovelyz. They can both call me when they come up with a chorus as flawless as “I wanna teddy bear, a teddy teddy bear.”

I feel bad for all the top girl groups that are scheduled for summer comebacks. They’re all going to have to delay their shit until Fall or else that Baby Boo reign will engulf them faster than Seungri can throw a cum rag.

Slayby Boo!

  • KingBeaArthur

    The person that thought it was a great idea putting those 4 in toddler gear, singing about hairy daddies is a GENIUS! New faves!

    • Omg, it IS about hairy daddies! I didn’t get that, I took the bear as literal lmfao! Why do I think that our friend Uncle Fan is gonna live for this?

      • KingBeaArthur

        He’s currently in a coma. Baby Boo were too much for him to take.

  • lildarien

    For a second there I thought i’d stumbled onto a rock esteddfod clip! Good use of the stage haha

  • byoing~byoing.
  • byoing~byoing.
  • Db

    The one with the pig tails looks like Yougji with a botched nose she bought in one of those off-Gangnam PS clinics.

    • _craypopper

      She’s just high.

    • Leonardo Henrique

      She’s giving me Hwayoung-huge-ass nose realness

  • Lady

    I don’t know why (or relevant for that matter) but this vaguely reminds me of that low budget cartoon I used to watch ‘The Fruitties’ when I was a kid; Tragically cheap, but somehow endearing. And that pig-tailed Unnie looks atrocious. They all are, but she takes the cake.

  • ibeRochelle

    See? There are SO SO SO many idol groups in the Kpop scene that I literally forgot one of my favorite rookie groups until you just mentioned them. Just right now I was like, “OMG, INY! I loved them!” …Can’t believe I forgot all about them. T.T

  • disqus_4Rn1256qw8

    It’s always nice to take a break from “awful shitty K-pop comments by 12 year old fans” by reading “awful shitty K-pop comments/posts by 20+ year old fans”

    • Actually this site is nothing like that lol, read it a bit more and you will see… 90% of anything ‘hateful’ is said in jest, not seriously. Majority of this blog is extremely positive.

      • disqus_4Rn1256qw8

        It’s all good, 90% of my comment was in jest anyway ;)

  • Yeunjung stans UK
  • Nope

    I just discovered them and I’ve never seen a mess like this before. They debuted 2 new members for their latest song (2 former members left a while back, I CAN’T IMAGINE WHY) and these 2 new members just quit after this one recent song.I guess this is one of those companies where they’re literally the last chance these girls have to debut, because nobody else will take them. Which is understandable, because none of them can sing and they are visually lacking. Okay, one is pretty but that one who looks like a foot… she looks like a before photo for jaw surgery, you know the one where the person has a terrible underbite and it looks so bad it looks fake. And the group name… there’s just no hope :( It;s irresponsible to sign these girls up IMO, because there’s just no chance of success.