AOA Gets More Generic (But Also Hotter!) With New Single 'Heart Attack'
The Song Matches The Sporty Concept WellTreadmill Friendly
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Brave Brothers has a habit of finding a winning formula and then milking it for all its worth, right before switching to something fresh just when you think you can’t possibly take another rehash of one of his previous hits.

I knew it was time for BB to switch up AOA‘s sound after they basically released the same song three times last year, but I didn’t expect the hitmaker to take a step back to his pre-“Alone” electro-pop days.

AOA’s new single, “Heart Attack,” even has one of those pre-chorus builds with plinky keys and stadium sounds, like something you’d find in one of those anthemic, David Guetta-esque songs that Chris Brown and Akon would’ve released during American R&B’s unfortunate EDM phase. The global dance sound is actually quite appropriate (if you’re into this kind of shit) considering that AOA’s already planning to release it in both Japan and China.

The generic production combined with the sporty concept makes “Heart Attack” feel like one of K-pop’s tie-in singles for a national sporting event rather than an official comeback track from one of Korea’s most popular girl groups. All it needs is a Pitbull feature to reach FIFA status.

Not that I don’t like it. It’s pretty catchy, I won’t lie. But it’s hard to completely fall for something as innocuous as this is.

Ever since AOA hit it big with the amazing “Miniskirt,” they’ve been terrified to depart from their sexy cosplay concept or to record anything that could be even slightly polarizing. The purpose of AOA’s singles now is to be as generic as possible, one size fits all, and then to reel in fans with the members’ good looks, not their music.

And if we’re gonna keep it 100% real right now, I’m not sure that “Heart Attack” is even better than some of Brave’s old z-list scraps like RaNia’s “Pop Pop Pop” or Brave Girls’ “Nowadays You,” both of which sounded outdated when they dropped in 2011. .

But hey, if you just want some fun treadmill pop to get you through a workout, then
“Heart Attack” might just be your jam. If you’re after absolutely anything else, then you’ll need to find a different girl group to stan.

  • KingBeaArthur

    Wow… I freakin’ love this song! It’s ‘classic’ Brave -back when he was fun- and reminded me both why I stayed away from his songs back in the day & also why I fell for SISTAR. It’s no “Miniskirt” (they’ll never top MS. It’s their GEE/Sorry Sorry/Fiction] but I enjoyed it a lot more than “Like A Cat”.

    Oh and: Popx3 and Nowadays You are GEMS!!!

  • johnnybravo831

    Okay but let’s talk about “Chocolate” already. Should’ve been the single, they coulda turned it OUT!

  • Giovanni Rasidy

    And it goes with a song like this

  • I love this song so much. I enjoyed this a lot more than “Like A Cat” and “Short Hair” since it’s much more upbeat and fun imo, had it on repeat since. (interestingly, a lot of people who prefer LAC and SH actually thought “Chocolate” should’ve been their title track instead of “Heart Attack”, the song is nice, but I still prefer “Heart Attack.”

    “Nowadays You” was such an amazing song, I wonder when Brave Girls will make a comeback, if that’ll ever happen lol.

  • BadB*tch

    I agree, love AOA but this is very generic. I would say a step down from previous singles. Stil really like AOA. I think they have potential. As a side, LOVING the new Teen Top single

  • zql

    it sounds like a something son dambi recorded and scrapped in 2010 and 5 years later aoa dug it out of the trash

    • I thought of Dambi too actually lol. Your description is dead on

  • Db

    I love it even though it sounds generic. You can’t really go wrong with mixing parts of So Cool and Pop Pop Pop.

    That said, AOA’s So Cool retread >>>> Sistar’s Touch My Body retread.

  • snailsong

    i love generic edm-pop w a stadium vibe so this is right up my alley + the mv is super cute so i’m happy even if it is obvs a step down from their old sound :)

  • T-rollypoly

    I can’t argue with you by calling it generic and dated because it is. I don’t think that’s a bad thing though. This is not super fresh but still new for AOA and will still work for them because only irrelevants have tried this in the past. They can claim it as theirs at least in Kpop. I really enjoyed the song as much as Sistar’s. You know they’re gonna battle it out in the 1st week of July on music shows. I’m excited.

  • MolkangMolkang

    Personally, I really like it but that’s probably because I’m thinking ‘yeah, I could totally see myself jamming to this while going hard on the treadmill’. Honestly, it’s just the kind of song I needed to get me pumped for the other comebacks (sans snsd since they’re lacking so I have low expectations). Considering Sistar’s boring song, I’m loving AOA right now.

  • Vic

    I must disagree on some of the things you wrote, because to me this feels like a continuation to thier last single. Like a cat introduced some eurodance/dancehall elements and now we get a full on eurodance record. The production is stellar, with far from innovative sounds, but it’s been a while since we last heard them. Reading your review, it feels like europop/dance is automatically linked to david guetta nowadays, whereas eurodance can still be great and Heart Attack is not that generic when you analyse its structure. The build up is amazing, there could be 2 choruses… I do agree that they play it safe though regarding the visuals. It’s sexy cute concept all over again. If the PCD weren’t sluts, they would have been called AOA.

  • HavokWWE

    Their mini album is flawless

  • disqus_qnJiwqFrtW

    Reminds me of the kind of music they’d blast in Wet Seal back when I shopped there in primary school, yuck.

    They need to pull an Infinite and start working with a new composer.

  • roelm

    They look hotter indeed and definitely the song needs more of Jimin’s distinctive voice. Their vocals tend to blend in too much with all the other sounds and without Jimin, to me they aren’t vocally recognizable.

  • god… i really never expected to hate an aoa single. let’s see if the album cuts save this shit

  • Kris

    This slays. I like this better than Miniskirts Part 1,2 and 3 but I like their pre-success stuff tons better (Elvis, Moya, Get Out). I agree with them showing more Jimin. She was just on Unpretty Rapstar and got those #1 singles so FNC should have gave her more screen time.

  • Kpopular

    I’d like to think that the shockingly low reader rating is because of one person or a select few spamming as close to a rating of zero stars as possible, because that rating is ridiculously harsh. BB has really run the formula into the ground but I don’t think that makes it any weaker than their previous three singles.

  • Nicole Naeun

    FUCKING FLAWLESS MV!!! The song sounds fine for me and it’s kind fresh cuz it’s something they never did before, tho I agree this must have been found along the other Son Dambi rejects stack of CDs..
    But I love it, the MV and members’ hotness elevate the quality of the song!
    Choa’s so fucking pretty

  • vjx89

    even though is generic, i’m hooked, call me basic!