A.KOR is a talented girl group that’s really only known for a massive media play stunt that involved member Kemy dissing 2NE1’s pill popping diva Park Bom. It’s become a double-edged sword for the girls, because although we probably wouldn’t have ever heard for them if it wasn’t for that epic Bom drag, it’s now the only thing we know them for.

No matter how good their singles are or how skilled A.KOR prove themselves to be, you can’t click on any video from the group without seeing thousands of bitter Blackjacks hitting the dislike button and spamming nasty comments. (Even though Kemy publicly apologized to Bom and blamed the stunt on her agency.)

Despite the hate, the quintet has now returned as a twosome in a hip-hop sub-unit called A.KOR Black, which is called A.KOR BLAAACCCKK for the exact reason that you think it is.

I’m not going to debate whether the Black is in bad taste or not because it secretly kind of slays me deep down, not to mention that the pair’s single, “How We Do,” is so addictive that I can ignore another case of K-pop cultural appropriation/racism/sexism/everythingism.

I mean, those tropical synths, the hip-hop beat, the sick rapping, the pop hook… I’m in love.

Sure, it kinda sounds like Omarion’s “Post To Be,” it kinda looks like 4minute’s “Crazy,” and A.KOR Black’s concept is one step away from becoming the Bubble Sisters–but it’s so good!

Too bad this will probably flop, but maybe it’ll be enough to get Kemy on Unpretty Rapstar 2? We can only pray.