1PUNCH’s “Turn Me Back” is definitely my favourite old-school single of the year, but there’s so many other good ones that it’s hard to choose a runner-up.

I wrote about former YG rappers 45RPM on the weekend when I posted their glorious ’80s synthpop single “Love Sign,” and now they’re back with another ’80s throwback, “Crackin.”

“Crackin” is straight early Fresh Prince family-friendly rap realness and I love it (or rove it). The may-or-may-not-be-an-official-sample piano melody is life.

(FYI: I’m well aware that Will Smith was/is a terrible rapper/person, unlike 45RPM who slay.)

I checked the lyrics to make sure that there was nothing unsavoury to betray the Sesame Street production, and it seems to be on the level. 45RPM are older dudes, so they’re rapping about the competitive hip-hop industry and how they’re still persevering after all this time (before shouting on the bridge: “throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care“!).

They also bring up Dynamic Duo and Baechigi, but Google Translate isn’t articulate enough to tell me if it’s a diss or not.

I just went over to Billboard to check the No. 1 hip-hop song in America and to see if “Crackin” is better or not, and it is. Who wants to listen to a mawkish made-for-radio Fast & Furious OST when you could be jumping rope and playing hopscotch to this?