I come for the visuals, but I stay for the music.

2PM hottie Junho has just dropped the music video for his new Japanese single “Fire,” and it’s even better than I expected it to be.

“Fire” sounds like any perfectly acceptable urban-pop midtempo until the trap snares hit, then Junho’s voice goes up a few octaves for a lovely, lilting chorus: “I’ve got the fire, I’ve got the fire.” He then whispers sweet nothings while squiggly falsetto “whoo whoo’s” repeat in the background. The 25-year-old sounds like Michael Jackson or a male Mariah Carey at her most breathy and flirty. It’s absolutely marvellous (I really felt like using the word marvellous for some reason so I forced it in).

“Fire” is giving me old-school pop and R&B realness with modern boy band cheese on top and I love it. If the new 2PM single is as good as this then I’ll be extremely happy.

The only way to improve this would be to replace me with the white woman that Junho’s romancing in the MV. Then it’d really be a hot summer (a hot hot summer).