2PM Makes a Suave, Sexy Comeback With 'My House'
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I wasn’t sure what to expect from 2PM‘s comeback track “My House” considering how different their last few lead singles were to one another, but now that I’ve heard it I can’t say that I’m surprised by the sound.

Labelmates miss A had one of the biggest (and best) hits of the year with the lovely “Only You,” so 2PM’s “My House” has taken the acoustic synthpop production of that song and given it a princely, masculine makeover.

The choruses of “My House” and “Only You” are also similar in that they aren’t your typical K-pop hooks that try too hard to be catchy or feel the need to impress you with drastic beat drops and tempo changes. There’s a level of restraint to the conversational chorus of “My House” that at first feels underwhelming, but then gets under your skin through sheer repetition.


The lyrics about inviting a girl back to your place for a nightcap (penned by 2PM’s own Jun.K and singer-songwriter Lel) are pretty PG-13 compared to something like “Bae Bae,” but it feels appropriate since the guitars remind me of early Neptunes and Timberlake collaborations.

As for the Cinderella-themed music video, I’m glad that 2PM’s image has been given a much needed upgrade from party boys to suave, fashion-forward gentleman. This group is way too chic and handsome to look like cocky nightclubbers. Their choreography is a little corny though, but 2PM have always come with a side of cheese so I’m used to it now.

By the way, bonus points for the singing bunny and Junho’s mind-blowing booty.

Now I can only hope that “My House” blows up on the charts like “Only You” did. 2015 seems to be the year that the public has woken up from its stupor to realize just how good JYP Entertainment’s music really is, so seeing 2PM return to the top where they belong will be the last thing the agency needs to officially reclaim its spot in ‘the big three’ again.