I can’t believe it’s reached the point in Korea where T-ara members now need to release their music under a different name with a different face just to try and avoid hateful, biased reactions from the public. Actually, I can believe it, but it’s still fucking ridiculous.

It’s been three years people! Move on!

Anyway, T-ara’s most talented member and K-pop’s No. 1 jack of all trades Eunjung has just kicked off her solo promotions under the new stage name Elsie with the release of her first single, “I’m Good.”

Committing identity fraud and releasing music under a false name is a pretty badass move from an idol, but not particularly unexpected from rebel Eunjung. Remember, this is the same woman that ‘lost’ over thirty grand of Gangkiz’s cash while on a working holiday in Italy.

Production team Duble Sidekick prove once again how skilled they are at making emotionally potent midtempo’s with the melancholy track, which share some similarities to Jiyeon’s more mainstream “1min1sec.” Guest feature K.Will (a major coup for Eunjung considering his credibility and chart power) sounds utterly divine, which comes as no surprise–Duble Sidekick also produced one of the best singles of his career, “You Don’t Know Love.”

Eunjung appears in drama scenes in the MV with her face always turned away from the camera, while some MBK trainee pulls a Milli Vanilli and mimes to the vocals. The MV doesn’t even feature the full track and a complete mini-album is due out next week, so I’m wondering if this whole Elsie “I’m Good” thing is just a teaser of sorts to drum up publicity before we get a more idol-esque single promoted by Eunjung herself when the album drops. The Dream High chanteuse is too charismatic to be relegated to just a voice on a faceless ballad, so I’m certain that we’ll all be experiencing the Melody of the Curse by next week. Otherwise, they would’ve just given this solo to Soyeon instead.

Regardless of what happens, I’m pretty darn satisfied with this so far. As a stan of T-ara, Duble Sidekick, and K.Will, how could I not be?