Anybody who follows my STELLAR posts knows that I’ve been saying that the group needs to go viral, EXID style, for a while now.

As usual, my predictions have come true.

The group’s busty beauty Minhee is quickly becoming a viral sensation thanks to a sexy fancam of last year’s most underrated K-pop song, “Mask.”

The fancam, ripped from a 7 month old YouTube video and posted to Facebook by Koreaboo, has racked up a staggering 7.7 million views since May 2.

This isn’t the only hit video Minhee has either. An old “Marionette” Pharkil fancam has 2.8 million views, while another “Mask” fancam has over 1.1 million.

Minhee’s growing viral fame is already earning attention from the Korean media, with one Naver article predictably comparing her to EXID’s human life jacket Hani.

Realistically, this little shred of viral success isn’t going to suddenly turn STELLAR into the next EXID. Minhee is too much of a porno pin-up doll to become the new national trend like Hani with her approachable sex appeal and enviable beauty, and STELLAR doesn’t really have a LE or a Solji to turn a fappable girl group into top tier material. However, if this gets STELLAR some more attention in general and maybe exposes Sweetune’s slept-on singles like “Mask” and “Fool” to more K-pop fans, then that’d be great. At this stage, STELLAR need all the help they can to stay afloat after their last two chart bombs, so ANY interest they receive is a blessing.

Like I said, STELLAR won’t become the next EXID, but maybe they could turn into the new Nine Muses? They’ve already snatched the Muses’ title of nation’s military-dols (which Nine Muses took from Rainbow), so it’s possible.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping a close eye on Melon in case “Mask” makes a return to the top 100. (Or debuts, really, since it never even made the Gaon chart last year.)

Check out Minhee’s viral fancam below, as well as her cover shoot from the latest issue of military magazine Him.

minhee him

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Posted by Koreaboo on Saturday, May 2, 2015