What does a girl group do after securing a controversial viral hit off the back of outrageous publicity stunts, only to have their next two singles flop harder than Gangkiz and SONAMOO combined? They try again and pray the that third time’s a charm!

STELLAR‘s elegant leader Gayoung confirmed that the nation’s meta-dols are currently working hard on preparing their next album in between her acting activities, which most recently included a guest spot on trending teen drama, School 2015.

Fun fact: School 2015 also stars another soiled angel from a sexy flop girl group, Hello Venus’ Yoo Young!

There’s no other info on STELLEGEND’s comeback just yet, but I’m sure it’ll be just as good as their last four Sweetune singles were. And who knows, maybe after Minhee’s recent fancam success the girls will be able to score another minor “Marionette” sized hit again. It probably won’t happen, but a bitch can dream.

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