After confirming that they had a new album on the way, STELLAR have now taken the next important step towards their impending comeback–dying their hair!

STELLEGEND’s Hyoeun and Junyool have both blatantly copied Red Velvet’s last concept by dying their hair orange and blonde.

Minhee already went blonde shortly after the ridiculously underrated “Fool” dropped, but according to her Instagram she’s had the gold shade touched up a bit.

Meanwhile, Gayoung seems to have bucked the trend and simply switched from black to “mocha brown.” Maybe she needs to keep her hair intact for an acting gig?

Anyway, what’s important is that STELLAR’s returning and now no other Summer comeback matters. SISTAR, MAMAMOO, EXO, SNSD–y’all are irrelevant in the presence of STELLAR.

변신!!두둥~~ ㅋㅋ #염색

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  • snailsong

    yoona’s gone blonde too hasn’t she? #redvelvet’sIMPACT

    • yeah! i remember saying back in march – when RV released ice cream cake – that the yellow bleach would be the next shit… there you go, even shinee pulled the RV

      • shinee pulled an rv? last time i checked only key and jonghyun (maybe taem) were blond and they’ve all been that way for a while

        • of course i know yellow bleached came along way before red velvet. i’m from the times of cyndi lauper and madonna FFS, to say the least.

          what i mean is: the whole group going for the yellow bleach as a concept look for the comeback.

          *roll eyes*

          • Jesus Christ I asked you an actual question about whether all five shinee members went blond, stop taking the internet so damn seriously

          • hahahahah sorry! sometimes it’s hard to take serious and irony apart, everyone’s at throwing shade lately since it’s the newest hipster trend on the internet i get confused lol


          • Julian Jung

            I’m not a fan of RV, so to completely discredit them as trendsetters, BAP (who I’m also not a fan of) did the whole blonde group style first. Red Velvet just changed it up by having the girls sporting different shades and throwing on some colored contacts.

            Stellar won’t get the same attention RV is getting, but they will definitely look a hell of a lot sexier. Can’t wait!

          • ohhh yeah there was the b.a.p! they looked hot on their platinum era

      • lilah_lilah

        Yellow bleach hair has been around before RV even debutted….

      • snailsong


  • MolkangMolkang

    Junyool is looking good, keeps getting prettier each comeback. Wish she’d have a little more spotlight, I’m always drawn to her.

    • HavokWWE

      She’s not a strong vocalist, so she just gets the rap portions and their songs honestly don’t even need those so I guess that’s why

  • HavokWWE

    I think Ga Young has like CF’s and stuff to do and she probably can’t drastically change her appearance.

    Hyo Eun looks awesome with that orange hair, Jun Yool looks like Jun Yool

  • HavokWWE


    HYO EUN !

  • HavokWWE

    Stellar should release a full album this time around.
    I also hope their new title track has a better line distribution because “Fool” was just all about Hyo Eun’s vocals.

    Minhee and Hyo Eun should sing about 5-6 times.
    Ga Young can sing 3 times and Jun Yool can sing a verse then rap at the end.

  • Db

    I’m sorry Jacques, but Fool did absolutely nothing for me. It was such a misstep after the incredibly underrated Mask. That song deserved so much more.

    I’m hoping they deliver this time.

    • byoing~byoing.

      It’s a real grower though. You gotta listen to it about 10/15 times before it hooks you in.

  • Sunny

    Junyool and Gayoung are so… umph!!