Last year SM Entertainment had a Coltrane obsession, but in 2015 the company’s focus has shifted over to The Beatles.

SHINee just dropped the acid-inspired tracklist artwork for their fourth studio masterpiece album Odd, and it’s a blatant homage to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul, just with hip ’90s fashion instead of The Beatles’ ugly old outfits.

SHINee also did a blatantly Beatles-esque track called “LOVE” on their last Japanese single, the Gold-certified “Your Number.”

Somebody also pointed out to me on Twitter the other day that the title ‘Odd‘ might be referring to Panic! At The Disco’s underrated sophomore album, Pretty Odd, which anybody who’s heard it knows is a total throwback to The Beatles.

I always knew that SHINee was this generation’s Beatles. Now it’s official!

SHINee Odd