Seventeen Makes a Way Better Than Expected Debut With 'Adore U'
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I was not excited AT ALL for Pledis Entertainment’s new boy band, SEVENTEEN, for a couple of reasons.

One, this group has literally been teased FOR YEARS. Their drawn out debut is almost as bad as the ‘YG SNSD,’ which is basically K-pop’s version of the Loch Ness Monster. Two, I can’t deal with a boy band called SEVENTEEN that only has thirteen members, especially when Pledis originally promised that the lineup would match the name. They were supposed to be three-groups-in-one, like a bigger, better EXO!

SEVENTEEN finally launched late last week, and much to my surprise, they’re actually really good.

While every other new boy band from a reputable agency is doing faux swag hip-hop, SEVENTEEN’s first single, “Adore U,” is just a funky, fun, straightforward pop stomper. It’s incredibly sweet, but without the corn syrup and powered flower boys–the loveliness is in the lyrics and giddy, adolescent energy, not the unselfconscious rapping or confident posturing.

Even if my lips are dry, I need to say this baby,” they sing. “I adore you, I adore you, enough to get dizzy.

SEVENTEEN go for the double hook with sheer delight, following up the first chorus with cries of “A-kkin-da! (‘A-dore-you!’ in English)” over computer-generated guitars like they’re dramatically declaring their love in the final scene of a romantic comedy.

I wish I could tell you who produced it, but Pledis has jumped on the idols-as-artists bandwagon and pretended that one of SEVENTEEN’s members wrote and composed the entire thing himself from scratch. I just wanted to thank the person responsible for making SEVENTEEN the first idol group since T-ara N4 to incorporate accordions into pop music. It’s not that I like accordions, I just like when pop pulls strange sounds and instruments that shouldn’t really work but do, and Korea is the best when it comes to that.

Consider me a stan.

  • T-rollypoly

    That live performance was great.

  • I was gonna ignore this completely, but this is beyond excellent. Normally I’m not a fan of big groups, but agree it would be better to have more members. The video itself impressed me beyond belief. Very trendy; like something some ironic indie artist would do, but way better here.

  • hani oppa

    I’m in LOVE.

    New fav boy group along with EXID as my fav girl group. What a time to be alive~

  • puretoria

    Crazed fan is NGAL so I’m going to ignore the part where you deny Jihoon’s composer skills. Anyway

    YAS STAN THE BOY GROUP BOP OF 2015!!!! Also check out my favorite song that didn’t make it onto the album

    Future Princes of Pop tbh

  • jizabel

    I love the chorus and the lil violet-haired bb who looks like Kim Shinyoung’s long-lost prom night dumpster baby.

  • Jafet

    I really wasn’t looking forward to them and I didn’t care for them but I am OBSESSED with Adore U and Shining Diamond is good too.

  • KingBeaArthur

    I liked the song (I saw their debut stage 1st) and was impressed with their skills, but I wasn’t blown away until I saw the mv! The mv sold the group 100%. Cool & quirky – in the best way possible [they threw everything plus the damn kitchen sink in that mv but it worked]. And whoever came up with the idea for the picture-in-picture of them performing while the main randomness was happening is a genius.

  • red+

    Seventeen is the group you never wanted or asked for but now that there here your not completely offended. But I have never doubted Pledis musical selection for their artist (except nuest debut year), it’s there intolerable delays between comebacks and the lack of off season promotions thats the problem.

  • disqus_qnJiwqFrtW

    I’m questioning why I’ve only just discovered this blog within the past couple of days, your articles crack me up lol. I’m right on board with you. I never intended on giving this group a chance, but their debut ended up being so fresh and they look like they’re genuinely enjoying themselves. Pledis knows how to make quality groups, they just suck at managing them.

    • Thank you, please continue to support me. I’ll work harder to become a better blog.

      • disqus_qnJiwqFrtW

        lol, absolutely. ♥ I like that you can poke fun without being hostile, you know? People say some really nasty things for upvotes these days. :|

      • Marhaebwa

        That K-Pop interview response though…

  • Kris

    I feel like I’m the only one who wasn’t impressed with this at all. The song is ok at best but it’s nothing that I would bop to continuously. Plus I was over them back when Pledis was teasing them in 2013 and nothing came to fruition. I’ll wait for the next comeback…

  • Db

    I wasn’t supposed to like this song but I do.

    Didn’t those 1Punch kids leave this group before debut? Also, I thought they were all supposed to be 17 or younger.

    • Lightning Tyro

      I think only Samuel, the little kid left. Jaewon was never a Pledis trainee.

      Their thing was that their average age was 17 and there would be 17 of them when the group was first announced to debut…somewhere around 3 years ago. Lol

  • Riley Biers

    I’m REALLY not feeling the short punky brewster one tho

  • One word: AMAZING!

    LOL at “Miss A’s Fei Is a Member”

  • Hani

    SEVENTEEN is one new K-pop boy group. They don’t like those other boy groups that look like they’re copying each others concepts, such as hip-hop/gangster concepts. Since when is the last time a boy group debuted with a ‘what-kpop-really-is’ concept?

    Woozi really produced the album, and wrotes the song with the help of his co-members and some of the Pledis’ staffs. :) This is one factor that makes them a unique group.