Sweetune aren’t as popular as they used to be, but their music remains just as good as ever.

While INFINITE only have one foot left in the door and KARA and Nine Muses have kissed Sweetune goodbye completely, the production team has stuck with the struggling Boyfriend and aligned itself with other less successful K-pop stars, like STELLAR and the newly solo Nicole, who can appreciate a good masterpiece when they hear one.

They’ve now added a rookie boy band to their stable called ROMEO. The 7-member group is under CT Entertainment, an agency bankrolled by SM Entertainment and run by former SM staff, which is probably why their debut is so freakin’ good.

ROMEO’s first single, “LOVESICK,” has all the typical Sweetune retro synth-pop elements, but with the key addition of ’80s Latin freestyle thrown in. (Only in K-pop would you have producers dust off Latin freestyle beats). “LOVESICK” has the same dramatic, emotional charge of early INFINITE, but with the flower boy fun of early Boyfriend–basically the best bits of Sweetune’s boy band music combined into one.

ROMEO aren’t exactly original –every member looks like a younger, miniature version of another idol, and if you watch their debut stage it’s literally INFINITE with an old Boyfriend concept– but originality doesn’t equal quality in K-pop. You only have to look at the amazing SISTAR tribute act BESTie to see that.

I’m sure ROMEO will find their own color eventually, but for now I’m quite happy with BOYFINITE and whaever else Sweetune wants to throw at me.