I stan anything to do with Tokyo Girls’ Style, including flop indie idol groups that totally rip them off.

Fukuoka five-piece photograph (it’s stylized that way, I didn’t forget the capital ‘P’) debuted last year with the peppy “Sky Blue Everyday.”  They resembled TGS in the music video, but it would’ve been a reach to call them copycats since their sound was different.

Their follow up, “Junjou Dilemma,” is TGS down to a tee. The same hairstyles, clothes, vocals, and retro Royal Mirrorball production. (Choreography is a bit sloppy though–AVEX trained TGS well!)

Photograph are even doing this whole ‘~Road to ZEPP~’ thing in the lead up to their first solo concert to copy Tokyo Girls’ Style’s ‘Road To Budokan’ project from 2012.

With the help of Google Translate I did some investigating, and it turns out that photograph’s music is all produced by Hiroshi Chikuda, who has worked both alone and alongside Royal Mirrorball a.k.a. Hiroshi Matsui on multiple TGS tracks in the past.

I don’t really get the point of pulling a single white female (single Japanese girl group?) on TGS, especially since they aren’t even that popular anyway, but it’s cool. I can handle all the TGS I can get, real or counterfeit, and maybe the flop photograph will fill some old-school TGS void now that the quintet have vowed to transition from idols into artists and branched out into weird and cool side projects.

Check out “Junjou Dilemma” below. I also threw in photograph’s random ~Road to ZEPP~ Rocky tribute too.