Lord Jesus, I have been waiting to get my hands on the full version of this song for over a month, and now it’s finally here.

Pa’s Lam System is an electronic group from Japan’s sickeningly good Maltine Records with a wild sound that combines Hi-NRG trash, glitchy chiptune, and anime OST craziness.

The trio earned some buzz last year with the frantic “I’m Coming,” and now they’re back with a new EP, Synergy 2015, featuring two new tracks and a slew of remixes.

The vivid “Colorful” stands head and shoulders above the rest of Synergy‘s cuts. Pretty synths flutter and drip like water, mutated video game blips and bleeps whiz by, then it all spins into something completely erratic before cooling off for a soft and lovely finale in the last 30 seconds.

You can take a listen to 1:30 of the track below, or head on over to Attack The Music to stream the whole song (and EP).

[Via MB Melodies]