Nine Muses have confirmed right out of their very own mouths that they are indeed making a comeback “soon,” and that we should all “look forward to it.”

Earlier this month Star Empire also announced that another season of the Muses’ Namyu Cast is set to air, which is a little reality web series that the group did last year leading up to their “Drama” comeback. Last time the end of the Namyu Cast resulted in the unveiling of the seventh and eighth Muses, doll-like beauty Sojin and Goosebumps cover girl Kucumber, so we’ll probably get the ninth and final Muse with this comeback.

I know it won’t happen, but I’m still going to pray that the ninth Muse will either be NS Yoon-G, Clara, a former Gangkiz member, or the return of Korea’s No. 1 supermodel-dol Leesem.

Anyway, when the Nine Muses do officially make their comeback, it could be their biggest yet. “Drama” is their highest-charting single ever, peaking at No. 13 and staying in the Gaon top 100 for over two months. They’re also ranked in the top ten for female physical sales this year.

2015 is Nine Muses time to shine! If only two of the group’s best members hadn’t left right before the Muses started peaking… Oh well.

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  • T-rollypoly

    Give it to me Namyu! I’m so ready for this..

  • Db

    Cumdrop is moist with anticipation!

    I actually own that Goosebumps book. If I ever get to meet Cumdrop, I’ll ask her to sign it for me.

    • Nicole Naeun

      I think it’s a sin that you keep posting that thing’s picture here.

      • Db

        You will worship Sera 0.5 and be happy about it.

    • byoing~byoing.

      Ahhh! I’m so happy my screencaps are being circulated! Let the reign of Kumjoopz be a long and ugly one! @kotakureader:disqus

      • Db

        I’m simply passing along the great work. Praise Cumdrop!

      • png

        Do you have a collection of hilarious Keumjoop screencaps? I’d love to see more.
        Her teaser pic for the group was a little different.

  • lildarien

    Holy crap the muses ranked on physical charts? I never thought i’d live to see the day.

  • ByronZ

    Cannot waittttt!!!!

  • It’s happening #yearof9Muses #bringSweetuneback

  • jizabel


  • yaaaaay! i only hope the song is more interesting than “drama”

    • I think Drama is the most interesting single they’ve ever done, even though overall my fave single of theirs is Dolls. The way it’s built around old soap opera opening music is so creative, and so is the vocal structure with all the raps and the weird drop-offs at the end of the sentences they’re singing. The lyrics are really different too, comparing a love triangle to a soap opera. Inventive queens.

      • Nicole Naeun

        Umm.. Drama is most def their weakest. My fave of them is ultimately Figaro (which is a far superior production than Drama) and on lower level it’s News and Glue.

        • Dolls is my fave but from a technical musical point Drama has much more creative original production and arrangement than both Dolls and Figaro

          • Nicole Naeun

            I think you’re forgetting that at its era Figaro was such an interesting and unique production, which then led up Sweetune to make the many more-modernized version of it.
            But I understand what u mean with Drama, tho in my personal opinion Figaro is still far superior.


          • Lmao I could never forget Figaro era, it’s one of my most played K-pop songs of all time literally, I think only second to Abracabra and maybe Miniskirt. But even though the song was/is iconic it was just Nine Muses trying to get on the post-Roly Poly disco trend, whereas Drama was 100% original never been done before shocking 180 degree transformation song!

          • Nicole Naeun

            I disagree, yes it’s a retro sound which T-ara started earlier that year. But 9M did a whole new twist to the kind of retro sound (T-ara kind) that was happening.
            Dead @ shocking 180d transformation. No it ain’t lmao!

          • Dilia

            Figaro literally changed my life when I saw it on TV. To be honest, I still get a bit teary-eyed whenever I hear it.

        • James Smith III

          Figaro was their first peak if only for the fact that it established them with a “retro” sound and capable of doing multiple music genres, their second peak was “dolls” which was like their first “hit”, “drama” is their third peak for innovation.

          • 10000% agree with this

          • Nicole Naeun

            I would def replace “Drama” with “Ticket” as peak for innovation, the way Sweetune crafted the raggaeton sound with 9M’s signature retro is just legendary.

        • Are we going to pretend that No Playboy and Friends Fun never existed?

          • Nana’s Disco Stick

            being a true mine means you acknowledge those song’s existence but NEVER TALK ABOUT IT ANYTIME OR ANYWHERE

          • Being a true MINE means you LOVE ALL THEIR SONGS

      • well we’ve discussed that before. i like all the references and the clever production, but in the end of the day it just feels bland for me. i like the verses but they never build up to something, feeling like a monetone song for most of the time since the chorus is not at all exciting. then you mentioned “dolls” and that’s their best thing along with “figaro” and “news” – they carry all the dramacity that ironically “drama” doesn’t have.

        • Well Drama is more fun and playful so it’s not as dramatic it’s more tongue in cheek whereas News is a very emotionally charged record

          • that’s my shit!

            “drama” is nice to be stuck in your head for a feel hours until you want to punch the stereo after having it played on a loop for way too long. then it’s forever gone and forgotten.

            at least, that’s my experience with it lol

            meanwhile i’m never tired of the dramatic, tears on the dancefloor vibe all their other tracks carry. even “ticket” and b-side “action” got more going on for them than this. but well, this is only my taste after all.

          • Nicole Naeun

            Agreed on your point. I also found Drama to be hella bland. It’s nice to listen to but it lacks that oomph factor that you got the moment you listened to Figaro or News or Dolls etc.

          • exactly! maybe it’s because she was my bias, but imo there was some serious sera high note somewhere there u__u


    Now that I’m over the initial shock of Sojin’s uselessness and Kumdrip’s deformities I can fully appreciate Drama.
    Too bad NS Yoon-G is busy slaying the charts and your faves as the J.Lo of Korea to be the 9th muse because that would slay.

  • Nicole Naeun


    • I dunno, Sweetune haven’t been doing that great this year. Stellar’s Fool and Romeo’s Lovesick sucked.

  • James Smith III

    I hope they keep up with the comebacks this year! They another year like 2013 when they had like three rounds of promotion.

  • Sunny

    There was once a time where i thought keumjo wasn’t basic as hell, then you came and enlightened me lol. Hope they do get a new 9th member that fits their original model concept. It feels like they’re close to their breakthrough hit!

  • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

    The ninth member has a lot too live up to. I mean the last one they added was a woman who is both the best and worst idol in the industry and was most likely found in a dumpster, much like the film Losing Isaiah (Fantastic movie btw). Unless they add Park Bom to the group, I really don’t see how they top Kumjoo

    • Nana’s Disco Stick

      sweetie, Kukumber/Keumjoop/Cumdrop is conceived by the gods of Olympus and was simply cursed by Hades to be ‘deprived’ of the beauty and appeal that the current muses have.

      need not to worry tho, the mighty hands of the gods over at China will correct whatever is lacking in Kukumber… lets anticipate it

  • _craypopper

    Poor Keumjoo! She just can’t catch a break from you :(

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    i know all of us are praying the muses have Sweetune craft their next hit but i am no longer bothered by whoever produces their music… our goddesses can pull it off regardless.

    as for the 9th muse, we all know NS.YoonG is too busy being an ass-less J.Lo to bother joining, Clara is MIA and KweenSem’s return is unlikely. i hope they get a Kyungri 2.0 or an Erin OSX because they seriously failed with Kukumber (technically programmed as Sera 2.0 but yeah)

    UPDATE: Star Empire reveals that FlopJi will be returning as the 9th muse. yey!…….. no.

    • Honestly I’d prefer them not with Sweetune even though ST is probably my fave kpop producers. People here are trashing Drama but I loved it, it ushered in a new sound for the group, and it’s now their biggest hit so the public agrees that their new style is daebak. I prefer Sweetune working with flops like STELLAR and Romeo. They’re the new INFINITE and Nine Muses Tbh

      • Nana’s Disco Stick

        Stellar is the raunchy, sexxxed up, meta-fied version that the muses wish they were (thanks to lone virgin Hyemi and now Kukumber cock-blocking them from pulling it off but i agree that they will become the new muses inheriting Sweetune’s masterpieces.

        Romeo is a better-looking rehash of Infinite i think but the dancing… no Jacques, just no.

      • roelm

        Drama isn’t one of my favorite Namyu songs but as you said an interesting production. It is a harbinger of possibly some interesting new-old explorations in their sound while maintaining their overall retro appeal. While I like their collaborations with Sweetune, I do feel that they were somewhat limited by their producers form exploring more musical avenues. I am not saying they should have a really new sound but more like exploiting the many other possible ways of expressing their signature sound, if that makes any sense.

      • Chyan

        It got me effin listening to all Nine Muses songs and was baffled how effing great their title tracks are. Except for No Playboy, which I almost hurled and never look back at their songs until now.

        Speaking as a 2008 > present loop listener.

  • OpalCR

    Im here for 9 muses!! But jacques…


    • William Love

      UGH I miss my flop qweens so much! When will another K-Pop group have such a flawless, trannylicious main vocal

      • OpalCR

        I know!!!! I keep hoping they would announce something :(