Nine Muses have confirmed right out of their very own mouths that they are indeed making a comeback “soon,” and that we should all “look forward to it.”

Earlier this month Star Empire also announced that another season of the Muses’ Namyu Cast is set to air, which is a little reality web series that the group did last year leading up to their “Drama” comeback. Last time the end of the Namyu Cast resulted in the unveiling of the seventh and eighth Muses, doll-like beauty Sojin and Goosebumps cover girl Kucumber, so we’ll probably get the ninth and final Muse with this comeback.

I know it won’t happen, but I’m still going to pray that the ninth Muse will either be NS Yoon-G, Clara, a former Gangkiz member, or the return of Korea’s No. 1 supermodel-dol Leesem.

Anyway, when the Nine Muses do officially make their comeback, it could be their biggest yet. “Drama” is their highest-charting single ever, peaking at No. 13 and staying in the Gaon top 100 for over two months. They’re also ranked in the top ten for female physical sales this year.

2015 is Nine Muses time to shine! If only two of the group’s best members hadn’t left right before the Muses started peaking… Oh well.

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