It only took THREE FUCKING YEARS, but salty Korean netizens are finally starting to admit that they might have been wrong about T-ara‘s now legendary ‘bullying’ scandal.

Over the past week, several Pann posts have popped up refuting all the doctored bullying ‘evidence’ that was used to wrongly incriminate T-ara back in 2012 when filler girl group member-turned-c-list actress Hwayoung was fired from group.

The posts reveal how everything was twisted and taken out of context (like the iconic rice cake incident, or the infamous broken umbrella), and shows that T-ara was the victim of a public witch hunt. There’s also various statements and social media posts from people who supported T-ara but were ignored by the media because it didn’t suit the anti-T-ara story that was racking up millions of clicks and page views for shitty media outlets at the time. There’s even some dirt on that vindictive nutcase Hwayoung that explains how she skipped out on rehearsal for the group’s Japanese Budokan concert to hit the nail salon, as well as claims that she became a diva after T-ara made the big time.

(You can click here and here for the Pann posts.)

Of course, T-ara fans have known all this for years, and these proof posts have circulated on Korean forums before, but it’s only now that people are actually starting to take notice of them.

Various netizens comments include, “So glad that people are slowly starting to realize that Hwayoung was not bullied ㅠㅠㅠ,” “Funny how T-ara has been getting hate over things that aren’t even concrete for years now but male idols who are real criminals get to promote just fine,” and “Once someone believes that something is right, they close their eyes and ears and only hear what they think supports their belief. ㅋㅋ The only truth is that the T-ara members whined about determination on Twitter because Hwayoung claimed to be sick but went to get her nails done. Netizens think they’re gods, it doesn’t matter if the truth is ever revealed because they won’t care.

This is just Pann though, which is mainly comprised of K-pop fans. The public sentiment towards T-ara is still bad if you look at comments on top news portals, but at least the tide is turning somewhere.

Not that it really matters any more. My fellow QUEEN’S and I accepted long ago that T-ara’s never getting back to the top tier in Korea and that their original destiny to become Asia’s biggest girl group after Girls’ Generation will never happen because of Hwayoung and Knetz. Luckily we’re happy knowing that T-ara slays everywhere outside of Korea, having milked the hallyu wave in Japan dry before setting up shop in China just as the new hallyu wave started taking off.

T-ara is the hydra of K-pop. You cut one head off, two grow back. You exile them from Korea, so instead they get mobbed in Vietnam and break records in China.

That’s why T-ara’s the best, whether Knetz see it or not. Determination-dols FTW!

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  • William Love

    I would kill for T-ara to creep into Korea and snatch the top spot – the void where 2NE1 used to be is slowly growing more and more and let’s be honest, SNSD is holding onto relevancy by virtue of their name (even though I still love them). There are a lot of strong girl groups but I can’t really see any of them breaking out internationally in the same way t-ara has. Well f(x) could if SM didn’t make them hipster blog queens that only pop up once a year to release an album, do a round of promo, then retreat into hiding


      hahahahaha, you make f(x) sound like cavewomen lolol. Also, I’m a forever Blackjack, who’s hoping that 2nE1 will always be top, but one day they will also have to change paths. In that case, I hope T-ara will be there to take over :)

  • Suzy Sooyoung

    OMG this is such good news! I’m soooooooo glad things are slowly turning down. Plus me and my fellow QUEENS don’t care a thing because we have accepted by now that T-ara are resilient-dols that will never go down because of stupid hatred. I wish them the best and it’s netizen’s loss if they don’t enjoy their iconic music (I’m still bitter than “Do You Know Me?” flopped hard thoooo).

  • T-rollypoly

    I can see a lot of improvement lately. The change of heart with the kpop fans both knetz and Inetz. Jiyeon getting a movie offer with Lee Dong Gun and Eunjung guesting in a few tv shows. The web drama is coming soon and more solo activities until the end of the year. T-ara might not go back to the top but their vindication is so sweet.

  • Sunny

    Was shocked when i saw that post defending them. About freaking time! I remember an interview where Hwayoung herself told us she did things that were wrong as well and that there was no bullying.

    The blame mostly goes to the stupid company (the way Hwayoung was kicked out and the PR behind it was horribad). blind netizens tried but T-ara is still getting their cash. Suck on that!

    • diamonddog

      Hwayoung later changed her story to “I was just trying to fit in, but the unnies were SO MEAN and I wrote a diss song about them because I HATE THEM” when she realized she could gain more sympathy that way. I just can’t deal with her.

      • Sunny


  • MolkangMolkang

    I like that there’s some change even if it’s small. To be honest though, while T-ara aren’t as popular, they work hard still and their songs are consistently good. Either way, I’m chill.

  • Riley Biers

    If they didn’t bully, they should have outright said all that shit was fabricated in the beginning instead of saying cryptic shit

    • Lashe Olaoye

      Uhhhh.. THEY FUCKING DID

    • lolita

      didnt you think that if they said a thing will make situation more worse?
      even if they defend theirself, will you hear them? believe them?

    • Cottage Cheese :3

      Ik right

  • Nana’s Disco Stick

    T-Allah shooting to the top again is longshot but plausible nonetheless, now that 2ne1 semi-retired (thanks to Park Botox).

    people back in Korea will realize what their missing once the kweens officially take over China, we all know how Koreans are discreetly salty over anything thats China related…

    • Suzy Sooyoung


    • Vivienne Greatly Disapproves

      “once the kweens officially take over China” you say that as if it didn’t already happen two years ago

    • BalooCallin

      I wonder why you write “T-Allah”

  • Db

    Sugar Free can probably be seen as a giant fuck you to Korea. You had us, but you ruined it. We’re moving on to greener pastures now.

  • diamonddog

    These posts have been around for YEARS (K-Pop, K-Fans has translated some of them), it’s just that NetizenBuzz got annoyed by k-netz saying she only translated negative posts about them (and calling her an anti) and now she’s trying to make up for it.

  • ByronZ

    Everything about this makes me feel powerless. I remember T-ara being as strong as Girls’ Generation and suddenly losing popularity after a stupid confusion.

    At the end of the day I learned to deal with it and in some strange way I’m glad it all happened because I used to love them before but now it’s like I IDOLIZE them, they’re in another level for me, I don’t know how to actually explain it, I really think all the unfair hate they got made my love stronger.

    So, thank you Knetz for making me adore T-ara like godesses, I simply worship everything they do and feel so proud to say I was there in their success, I was there during their hard times and I will always be there <3

    • Lashe Olaoye

      I understand how u feel same with me I’ve never done this with anyother musician(s) but T-ara I worship their every move and everyday look for and article video anything. I think I’ve totally watched every video on Eunjung. And I’ll never stop loving them no matter what

    • Siako Yo

      really,, I am crying to read your comment..
      its like you wrote my feeling in the best way

  • Captain Fantasy

    T-ARA is the strongest girl group in Korea.

    Proof: Most popular kpop groups are successful because of Korea. T-ARA is one of the most successful kpop groups and succeeds despite Korea’s attempts to sabotage them.

    Hopefully the latter will stop now that everyone knows they were wrong about T-ARA and should feel ashamed for taking unfounded rumors at face value.

    I don’t expect everyone to suddenly become T-ARA stans (more are always welcome!) but I do expect T-ARA to be given the respect they deserve.

    At the very least listen to some of their music. It’s really good! T-ARA has consistently turned out some of the industry’s best music since 2012.


      ahem, 2ne1 girly? ….

  • Uncle Fan

    As they keep making appearances on TV their popularity will continue to re-assert itself. Their personalities are so infectious that they can win over the public again.

  • Cottage Cheese :3

    Still believing it, won’t ever stop doing so.